Top 10 TV Shows from 2018

tv shows

Here are some more fun things, since I already established that I like to watch my comedy. Of course there are a couple dramas mixed in, but… well.. you’ll see. Here are my top 10 favorite TV shows from 2018. They are all exclusively on Netflix (at least in the Dominican Republic), so, you’re welcome.

Great News. I have watched every episode of this show’s 2 seasons at least five times. Tiny Fey had a hand in creating this show about a young woman who works as a producer for a small time news show. It has a very 30 Rock feel – very goofy, female lead, very character – and I loved it immediately. The premise is that Katie (the producer) is very close with her mom, who decides in the very first episode to start working as an intern at her daughter’s news show! It’s funny. If you liked (and desperately miss) 30 Rock, I recommend Great News.

Haters Back Off. I try not to get too involved in YouTube because it is a black hole that can suck me in for years, but I have watched some of Miranda Sings’ videos in the past and didn’t hate them. I thought the fact that this YouTuber was getting her own show was ridiculous and that surely the show was just weird and not funny, but something inside me told me to give it a chance and then I promptly watched every episode of the two seasons right in a row from start to finish TWICE. The idea was surprisingly well developed and all of the actors did an amazing job (except for child Miranda – she didn’t convince me). If you’ve been kind of interested in this one, maybe give it a try?

Good Place. Surely you’ve heard about the goodness that is the Good Place, right? It’s totally different and fresh and creative and funny. It’s on the actual TV, but the new episodes get tossed up on Netflix weekly. We’re currently in the third season and I still prefer Season 1’s episodes, but I’m also still enjoying the ride.

Stay Here. When I saw this title on the list I made weeks ago, my first thought was – BRITISH MURDER MYSTERY THRILLER, but that was Safe, which I apparently forgot about when I was making this list but which I loved. So if you’re looking for a British Murder Mystery Thriller, check out Safe, which I binged in like a week. But Stay Here is completely different. It’s a fixer upper show starring my favorite Trading Spaces designer from back in the day Genevieve Gorder (who hasn’t aged a day) and some realtor guy. It’s about them going and updating rental properties! It’s fun.

Riverdale. Surely you’ve heard of this teenage drama. The way I repeatedly describe this one is, “It’s like watching a Taylor Swift song.” It’s so dramatic but I LOVE IT. Jughead is my new fictional boyfriend. I watched all of Season 2 in like a week and a half while I was in the States in June and I’m pumped for Season 3. (If you’re curious here, yes I did watch the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, yes I am planning on watching Season 2, no it is not on my top 10 list).

Queer Eye. I was so skeptical of this show. I thought it was all about telling men that their clothes are dumb and they’re fat, ugly slobs BUT IT’S NOT THAT. In case you haven’t watched it yet you silly billies, this show is empowering and uplifting and fun and encouraging and I CRIED EVERY EPISODE because lives were changed! Also Jonathan Van Ness is one of our new favorite people, right America?

RuPaul’s Drag Race. My brother and his wife recommended this show to me as “a blend of Project Runway and America’s New Top Model.” I knew nothing about the art of drag or the drag community before falling in love with this show but now have so much respect for the art. There is so much talent and hard work that goes into drag and it is so much fun to watch. The show is funny and fun and if you like Project Runway and America’s Next Top Model you’ll probably like RuPaul’s Drag Race! Gentlemen, start your engines.

Good Girls. I recently described this show as “the one with Retta, the busty gal from Mad Men, and the little one… Ann!” This is a pretty unique show that is funny but also serious about three average women, each with a unique story and situation, who band together to essentially become criminals. BUT watching it from their side you kind of get it, you know? A lot of perspectives are represented and for that reason alone Good Girls is worth a watch.

Santa Clarita Diet. When my parents come visit every Easter time we like to pick a Netflix show to watch while we play games and eat pizza. In 2018 I’m pretty sure we watched 2 seasons in 1 week. My mom still talks about this show. It is SO FUNNY. There is a lot of cussing that took me an episode or two to get used to, to be honest, but after that it was smooth sailing. If you didn’t know, the story is about a woman who becomes a zombie and her family’s quest to keep her and the people around her safe. My favorite character is Drew Barrymore and the hot guy with the mouth’s (what’s his name?) daughter’s friend Eric. He is really great. All of them are great!

The Alienest. New York. 1896. Serial murder. Child prostitute victims. Ornery recluse detective guy. Yes, yes, yes. So creepy. So good.

This year so far I’ve been rewatching The Office, which has been fun. I’m looking forward to new seasons of many of the aforementioned shows in 2019! What did you watch in 2018? What are you watching now?

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