Maze Runner: The Death Cure

This evening I went to see the third Maze Runner movie. It’s called The Death Cure. And my oh my, what a tale of love and friendship! I read the three books years ago – in fact, I read the first book on the same day I saw the first movie back in December of 2014. I had a lot of feelings and you can read about them here. I quickly went on to read the rest of the books with increasing disappointment and dissatisfaction, but that’s another blog post (unfortunately one that has not been written).

I saw the second movie huddled up next to my friend Kristin because it was so scary. By that time I had forgotten the details of the book and was content to enjoy the movie for what it was, rather than listing all of the ways it wasn’t like the book (not a movie watching strategy I would recommend). When I got invited to go to the movies tonight I didn’t even realize the third movie existed, but was excited to go see it. I remembered enough of the story line to jump right back in and LOVE the third movie.

I love the loyalty and faithfulness and friendship that exists between the guys who spent time together in the maze. I love the diverse cast. I love seeing Ki Hong Lee be Minho after having just watched him be Dong Nguyen (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) a couple of days ago. It’s kind of trippy. Minho and Dong are very different people.

The story had me engaged the entire time. I felt like I was sitting in the theater for a long time – the movie is almost two and a half hours long – but I never felt bored or wiggly. There was a lot of action but enough inaction to keep me interested. Plus, as I have stated many times, I am the type of person who gets completely caught up in the story. If the story is even half way decent I am very easy to shock and surprise. I was gasping and cheering and crying from start to finish! Well, the crying just came at the end, but more on that in a bit.

Since jumping back into the world of Thomas, Theresa, and Brenda (the LAMEST names for teenage bad asses, by the by) was kind of nostalgic for me (the first movie did come out well over three years ago) I’ve decided to do a throwback post of sorts. Coming in hot… GIF REACTIONS. So fun! Spoilers sure do abound. You have been warned.

When the movie started off with Jorge and the gang stealing an entire train car:
giphy (1).gif

Anytime we saw poor Minho being tortured:
giphy (2).gif

Anytime Teresa did/said anything:
giphy (3).gif

Newt, Thomas, and Fry in the tunnel with the cranks:
giphy (4).gif

When Jorge and Brenda showed up to save the day:
giphy (5).gif

When Gally revealed himself:
giphy (6).gif

When Minho stole Teresa’s hair pin after banging her head into the table:
giphy (7).gif

When Brenda stole the bus and then did a getaway like a champion and told the kids they were doing great:
giphy (8).gif

When the boys jumped out the window:
giphy (9).gif

When Brenda and Thomas had their walkie talkie moment:
giphy (10).gif

When everything went down between Thomas and Newt:
giphy (11).gif

When Teresa died:
giphy (12)

When Thomas read Newt’s letter:
giphy (13).gif


And that just about sums it up! Have you seen it? Did you love it?

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