Beautiful and Important


This past weekend I went to a job training for a job that is highly relational. Part of the job training was talking in small groups about ourselves – who we are and how we operate. We made Venn diagrams (or word webs in my case because I love a good word web) about ourselves. Most of our circles said things like, “Heterosexual female,” and, “College graduate.” One of my circles said, “Pet mom,” and another said, “Word nerd.” From my “heterosexual single female” circle was another circle that said, “Bo po!” Which means body positive.

One of the other members in my little group asked me to elaborate more about body positivity and self love and what that meant to me. I quickly started getting very passionate. I said things like this:

“Self love means that I know that even without make up, I am worth just as much as a woman with make up. Body positivity means that even as a not skinny woman, I have just as much worth and value as a woman who is skinny. Self love means that even without a husband I have just as much worth and value as a woman with a husband or kids.”

Then I started getting really passionate about how “all bodies are good bodies!” I even got a couple of “Amens.”

Adore Me inspired me to write a post about International Woman’s Day – about girl power, confidence, and overcoming obstacles. Adore Me is committed to making all women feel confident and beautiful! Take a scroll through their Instagram or go get yourself something beautiful from Adore Me’s Intimates Page.

For me, and I think for most women, the biggest obstacle I had to overcome in order to be confident, powerful, and successful was knowing that I’m worth it and knowing that I have value.

I used to constantly tell my students, “You are not more or less important than anyone else. We’re all the same amount of important.” The wonderful truth is that this means you are not more or less beautiful than anyone else. We’re all the same amount of beautiful.

Realizing, learning, and living that I am important and beautiful – and therefore ignoring media and church and culture and movies and other humans telling me that I would be more important and more beautiful if I did or bought or ate or didn’t eat this, that, and the other – was the first step toward becoming who I am, which is who I was meant to be.

I am a chunky girl who doesn’t wear make up or real bras. I value comfort over style and I don’t like shopping. None of that makes me less important or beautiful than anyone else.

I am a reader and writer. I’m not an athlete. I don’t like sports. I’m not good at sports. I can’t run very far very fast. None of that makes me less important or beautiful than anyone else.

The very exciting and freeing thing about these truths is that we were created to be our exact selves, just as we are, only constantly getting better. But the first step is knowing that who we are is beautiful and important. Then, when we value ourselves as humans uniquely and wonderfully created, we want to succeed, we want to keep going, to work hard, to improve.

One of my favorite things to tell myself is, “You have everything you need to do exactly what God has asked you to do.” Or for those of you who don’t believe in God or who don’t believe God is asking you to do anything – “You have everything you need to do exactly what you were made to do.”

Believe it! You are well equipped, just as you are, right now, to do whatever it is you need to do to reach whatever goal you have set for yourself. I encourage you to dream big! And to do big and hard things. Because you can! You totally can. With or without make up, fat or skinny, single or attached. You can do whatever you’ve set out to do. Not because you are some kind of wonder woman, but because we are all wonder women, each one just as beautiful and important as the other.

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