With Her Heart

Art by @alito_calligraphy

Just a little over four years ago I was a fresh little baby just off the airplane in this new crazy place called the Dominican Republic. I met a lot of new people in my first months in this country and most of them are still part of my life today. One of those people that I met in the beginning is a girl named Mary. Mary quickly became very dear to me. She is careful and courageous and gentle and fierce. She is so beautiful! I got to hang out with her, eat ice cream with her, talking theology with her for the few months that our time in San Pedro overlapped. Then, last year I got to stand beside her as she married the man of her dreams! Hooray!

A couple of weeks ago I got to chat with Mary (oh isn’t the internet wonderful) even though she and her husband now live all the way in South stinking Korea (South Korea isn’t particularly stinky – I don’t think – it’s just so far away!). When we talked she was already in Friday and I was still in Thursday. Life is nuts.

Talking with Mary is always refreshing and uplifting and grounding and this international Skype call was no different. EXCEPT for that during that call she told me about a new online community she was starting called With Her Heart and what do you know that crazy girl asked me to be a part of it! With Her Heart is “a sanctuary for lovers, fighters, revolutionaries, and peacemakers.”

Through storytelling and the act of holding space for one another,
WHH offers supportive resources and a breath of fresh air
into the lives of warrior women who lead from the heart.
Whether you are in need of a place to vent,
to be rejuvenated, to be inspired, or simply to rest,
you are welcomed here.
– With Her Heart Mission Statement

Today I got the honor and privilege to contribute the first story to this new sanctuary. It is full of words you’ve read here before like “women I needed to see,” and “oh, the empowerment of ‘me too’,” and “I don’t hate my body.” But I hope you will check it out anyway and maybe take a look around With Her Heart. Just reading the little blurbs on all the contributors literally gave me goosebumps.

Check out my story here.

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