Gilmore Girls Revival Feelings


This morning my boss called me and said, “There’s really no reason for you to come in today. Have a nice, relaxing Sunday.” And I said, “Don’t mind if I do!” and fired up the Netflix. Friday evening I watched the first two episodes of the Gilmore Girls Revival with a few like-minded friends. It was wonderful. I was hooked and engaged and hanging on every quickly delivered word. I missed last night’s viewing party of the second two episodes to go to the movie theater to see Dr. Strange (which paled in comparison to Fantastic Beasts – just paled). So this morning when I got the chance to watch the second half of the revival I jumped at it!

As soon as I finished watching, and after I yelled, “WHAT?!” a half dozen times, I jumped on Facebook to check out all the Gilmore Girls-related articles I’ve saved over the past week and read them. Alise at Read. Write. Repeat. wrote a reaction piece that prompted my own post here. I started typing a comment to her post and just kept typing! Brittany Gibbons kept it simple with 3 likes and 3 dislikes. I could never boil it down so simply, but a good consensus seems to be nobody liked the musical and most everyone agrees something was off about Berta.

BuzzFeed has a nice bullet point style article that resonated with me. It tempted me to watch the whole thing again and make my own list of reactions. But there’s no time for that! I have feelings NOW. Lots of feelings. Most of them very positive. Some of them still fuzzy and confused. And the best way to figure out feelings is to write about them. So here I go.

One thing (perhaps the only thing) that has always bothered me about Gilmore Girls is how they completely disregard time. We all know about Friday night dinners, but then the next day was rarely Saturday and the girls would talk about last week or last Wednesday or yesterday and well, watch the first 7 seasons – the timeline rarely makes sense. Winter seemed to really follow that pattern. Rory is here, she’s there, she’s apparently a millionaire with her own jet just zipping back and forth across the Atlantic. It was a little distracting, or at least it would’ve been if I hadn’t decided years ago to just suspend the realities of time when it comes to the Gilmores.

I actually booed when I saw Logan. Ugh. Heavy sigh. I’ve just… it’s just… Logan’s a douche. Right? I mean, I know, I know he has a long list of really great qualities. It’s adorable that after all these years he still calls Rory “Ace.” It’s wonderful how he pursued her and believed in her and encouraged her. It’s fun and inspiring how he takes her on adventures and whisks her away and interrupts her college class to put on a show. But, well, he’s completely having a full blown affair with her when he’s engaged. Not exactly a class act move.

Also, he’s competent and confident and successful and while there is nothing wrong with any of those qualities, he still manages to make me feel slimy. I don’t think he’s hiding anything – he’s never been ashamed of his money or how he gets things done – but there’s just something about him that has never sat right with me. And I think his affair with Rory and how he clearly sees absolutely no problem with the arrangement is the kind of thing that has never sat right with me about him. Whatever he wants to do, he does, without apology. Which sounds good, until what he’s doing is something terrible for which he absolutely should apologize. And when Rory is with him, she is him. She becomes part of his entitled world. She steals a yacht. She drops out of Yale. She sleeps with another woman’s fiance. I never was and never will be #TeamLogan.

I actually cheered when I saw Luke standing in Lorelai’s kitchen. They’ve always been meant for each other. We all knew that, right? Lorelai’s darkest days, in my opinion, where the days when she got married to Christopher without Rory there. Ugh. A mess. We all also know that Lorelai doesn’t always make the best choices in her relationships, but with Luke it just felt right. Comfy and home. I like that Lorelai is still working at the Dragonfly, living in her house, wearing poofy floral print blouses tucked into form fitting dress pants, eating at town hall meetings, and drinking coffee at Luke’s. I like that Lorelai settled in. That her life is comfortable and routine and dependable. (Hm, Suzanne, I wonder what kind of life you’re dreaming of…)

Their wedding was perfect. While I was looking forward to a good ol’ fashioned party in the town square, we’ve had those. Luke and Lorelai’s love is beautiful because it doesn’t have to be all that. It doesn’t have to be a room full of daises or a trip to France. It’s just the two of them standing where they’ve stood a thousand times before and loving each other as they have and will for years. It’s beautiful. Although I do believe Jess should have been there and I was totally hoping for another Jess/Rory wedding kiss.

If I could whistle, I would’ve done that sexy cat calling whistle that people do when I saw Jess. Oh Jess. My heart. And frick can he fill out a v neck. I have always believed that Rory is at her best with Jess. Even when she was kind of emotionally cheating on Dean (that girl does have a history with unfaithfulness) and missing her mom’s college graduation, Jess ultimately brought out the best in Rory. He understands what is, or at least what should be, important to her. He doesn’t get caught up in the flash and glamour of money like she does. He is a simple man with a passion and a talent. He is someone you can trust, someone who will choose to love Rory and then just keep loving her. I believe that! I honestly do! And yes, I do recognize that these people aren’t technically real, but characters are real people, too, in their way, with consistent characteristics and behaviors. And this is who Jess is. He is good.

I’m certainly not surprised that it’s Jess who gave Rory the idea of writing a book. And I’m certainly not going to deny that when I saw the name of the manuscript I jumped straight to the ugly cry. It’s perfect. Rory’s whole life is somehow her relationship with her mom. And in the closing scene (before Rory dropped the BOMB) I thought about how beautiful this whole journey had been, this journey of Lorelai’s. She is the one who grew and succeeded and failed and lived her dream! She is the one moving forward, who had to work really hard and make hard choices. She had to learn how to apologize! But she did it! She did it. And now she gets to keep going.

I guess we’re here, at the end. Those four words. Rory’s pregnancy. My first thought was, “Rory is not going to be a good mom.” For which I feel like I should apologize, but let’s just picture Rory with a baby now for a moment.

My second thought was a jump forward in time to Jess and Rory. To Jess being the Luke to Rory’s Lorelai. To Jess sacrificing for a child that wasn’t biologically his because the child’s biological father (who I’m just assuming is Logan) was too busy being rich and entitled to make any kind of sacrifices. Of course Logan would say what he was supposed to say. He would say, “Are you sure?” And Rory would say yes, she’s sure, she can do this herself. Her mom did it. But she would be tearing up and she wouldn’t look him in the eye and we would all know she wasn’t sure, but Logan would take her word for it because it would be the easy way out.

I just hope that Rory wouldn’t string Jess along for as long as Lorelai did Luke. That because of Lorelai and Luke that Rory’s eyes would open quickly. That she would see what she had in front of her and not let pride or weird projections of her own mistakes get in the way of what she could have.

Again, I do know these people aren’t real.

Random final comments –

Sookie is the best. Just so great. She was the same ol’ Sookie! I wish Sookie and Jackson hadn’t left, though. I wish we had gotten to go back to their house. So many memories there!

I love Laine and Zach’s life. That they have their kids and they have their band and they have their crazy comfy house and their… life! It’s nice.

Luke giving out random Wifi passwords at his diner might be my favorite part of the whole thing. Seriously.

Berta and Gypsy being the same person wasn’t really an Easter egg. It was just weird. That being said, I kind of liked that Emily opened up her home to this family. I imagine when you lose someone as she did it would be very natural to want to fill the emptiness with relationships. Also, Berta didn’t really actually speak real Spanish, which was also weird. The fact that she just said lots of Spanish words (not really real sentences) made me think there was going to be some Berta twist – like she was really someone’s relative pretending to be a maid or… something. I don’t know. I obviously didn’t spend as much time thinking about Berta’s possible secret identity as I did about Rory and Jess’s future. But something didn’t sit right with that lady.

I’m a little bummed we didn’t get to see Liz and TJ, but super tickled they accidentally joined a cult. And then that the cult decided they were too weird. Perfect.

Kirk was great. Just the right amount of Kirky weirdness.

I think it’s dumb that Paris and Doyle were getting a divorce. They were so perfect together! I bet Doyle realizes what a sell out he had become just before their divorce is final and they work it out in the end.

The musical bit was too long.

I love how Dean and Rory got to chat in Doose’s and of course Dean would have a son named Grady. Super fitting.

I didn’t care for the Life and Death Brigade outing. That part of Rory’s life has always seemed so surreal to me. Who just goes to a tango club and then buys it?

In the end, I’m so grateful for this whole thing that is Gilmore Girls. For how much it means to so many of us and how it brings people together and causes us to think and process and imagine and dream and defend. Any episode of the show always makes me feel this nostalgia that kind of hurts and also makes me smile. It’s a wonderful thing and having this next installment just felt so special. It felt like going back to visit old friends. I wish for more while at the same time fear what more would do. We can’t live in Stars Hollow forever can we? At some point I guess we have to say goodbye.

4 thoughts on “Gilmore Girls Revival Feelings


    The Boys

    Luke – YES! Him in Lorelai’s kitchen cooking multiple dishes (even though mac n’ cheese is not a main dish) made my heart so happy! I don’t know what I would have done if he and Lorelai didn’t end up together. Even if they didn’t get married on June 3rd which is notably my birthday so I am a little bitter about that but I will take it. He’s such a proud papa, too! He was overjoyed for Rory and April’s accomplishments. Still a best friend and father figure for Jess. What a man! And yes, the wifi password bit was one of the highlights to the whole revival! Oh Luke… P.S. Paul Anka dressed as Luke was another top 10 highlight!

    Logan – NOOO! I also yelled when I saw him on screen. Why do people like him? I don’t get it. Uh, did he totally hit the gym in the last 10 years? Yes. He could also use a sandwich. And a moral compass. He was a self proclaimed player in his college years, and he’s still doing the same things! He uses money for EVERYTHING. I mean, I love a grand gesture. Noah jumping on the ferris wheel to ask Allie out, Patrick serenading Kat from the bleachers in the middle of her soccer practice with the help of the school band, Landon planning out ways for Jamie to cross off the things on her bucket list – SWOON! But guess what? Those super romantic gestures didn’t cost millions of dollars! You don’t just say, “Oh you had a bad day? Let me give you a house!” Big fat no to Team Logan. Barf.

    Dean – Same old Dean! I’m glad he has a cute little family and finally stopped working at a grocery store. I’m not sure what else he really did with his life because why would we want to know that? I was not on Team Dean because he was also a cheater, but hey, good for him moving on and living life!

    Jess – YESSS! He is looking so good, in both a hitting-the-gym and I-have-my-life-together kind of ways. I whole heartedly agree that Rory is always her best with Jess. Sure, he had his rebellious teenage years where he was trying to find himself. That is what being a teenager is about! He pulled it together and made something of himself. He has always pushed Rory to do better. He has never broken her trust. PICK HIM RORY! JUST PICK HIM ALREADY!

    The Girls

    Lorelai – Oooh how I’ve missed her! It was strange to see her in such a sad place for most of the revival, but I do love that they brought that part of life to reality. You don’t often see stories of people in the later years in their life and the struggles they deal with, especially women. I was glad to see she still had her sense of humor and appetite. And her love of Luke of course! She finally got to a place where she realized that relationships don’t have to follow rules. The surrogacy thing was a little weird. I feel like they only added that to bring Paris in the picture. Side note – Can you even imagine her as a Grandma!? Ah!

    Rory – Wow. So much to digest. I am glad she didn’t have the perfect life. I think we all know that adulthood isn’t what it used to be and you can still be finding yourself and broke and not knowing what you want to do with your life in your 30s. She made some questionable choices, especially for someone with a degree from Yale, but you do you girl. It was a little bit like they just re-wrote that one movie she was in (Post Grad?) where she did the exact same after-college-failure-at-life thing (I’m assuming, I never saw it). I am glad she never gave up on writing. Even though it is not exactly the easiest profession to find a job in, it is still her passion. And I mean Jess totally steered her to do what she loves…

    The Rest

    Kirk – He aged so well! Look at him being a little silver fox! And quirky as ever!

    Sookie – Awww Sookie! I wish she would have been around longer, but she is always there for Lorelai when she needs it!

    Michel – Don’t leave! He totally won’t leave. I am glad he found love and happiness, as happy as Michel can be that is.

    Lane & Zack – How freaking cute of a family are they?! The boys are all grown, and they are still rocking! Love them!

    Berta/Gypsy – Yep. That was weird. And so unnecessary.

    Emily – Oh Emily… What a sad (understandably) season for her. She is totally killing the last years of her life, though. I’m glad she isn’t sticking to the rules and limitations she has been following for years and years and is finally having some fun. I am also glad she opened her home, even though it is a little strange. It was also very weird (uncomfortable even) seeing her in jeans and a t-shirt.

    Paris & Doyle – WHAT?! So they were totally in love and normal and had kids and then no more? I’m confused. I mean Paris was the same and perfect of course, but I agree with you – Doyle will realize he’s being entitled and just come back around and make things right. Just like when Paris tried to break up with him the first time.

    Final Thoughts

    The Wedding – Loved! So quaint. So them. I wish we got to see the celebration with everyone the next day, too, but this was just perfect for them. It was weird that Lane was there and Jess wasn’t? Whatever. Good for them. FINALLY.

    The Musical – WAY TOO LONG. I love me a good musical, but we’ve waited YEARS for this and you spend 235,678 minutes on a musical that doesn’t have anyone from the original series?! No thank you. Obviously the song that Lorelai cried to was perfect, but the rest I could do with a fast forward scene.

    The Life & Death Brigade – I’m with you, I always thought that whole thing was too unrealistic. It’s a fantasy. I love that they stand for adventure, and I love that we got to see them whisking her away for some fun, but really just anything that ties to Logan makes me cringe.

    The Pregnancy – So as much as I’m surprised I feel like I shouldn’t be. She is already twice as old as Lorelai was when she had Rory. And honestly with the way she’s been living her life I mean… That’s what happens. I’m not sure we will ever find out if it is Logan’s or the Wookie man’s. I’m not even sure if we will get closure on this at all. I just want to get to the part where Jess gets to be the Luke to her Lorelai and love her and that baby no matter what! At least that is how it plays out in my head until they decide to make or not to make another season. ❤

    1. “You don’t just say, ‘Oh you had a bad day? Let me give you a house!’ Big fat no to Team Logan. Barf.” Hahahaha. Exactly! Barf, indeed.

      Yeah the surrogacy thing was super weird. But I bet you’re right – it was a pretty cool way to bring in Paris. I’m glad they didn’t end up going through with it. They’re too old to have a baby! Of course they’re also too young to be grandparents. Grandma Lorelai?! Crazy! She would not like to be called grandma. I bet she would pick a hip and/or silly grandma name.

      I thought Lane’s presence at the wedding was weird, too. But I guess she and Luke were pretty close – remember when she worked at the dinner? Of course, they weren’t closer than Luke and Jess. They should’ve either had Lane and Jess or neither of them.

      I am so glad to find a fellow Logan-loather. I just don’t get what all of these other silly friends of mine are thinking! Ugh I miss having these kinds of conversations with you in real life.

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