We really can do hard things


You know all those bible verses we quote like, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” and, “Nothing is impossible with God,” and, “I do it all for the glory of God”? And you know how I’m always saying we can do hard things? Well it turns out that actually living out those verses is a really hard thing and doing hard things is well, hard.

My job for the past four months has been a hard thing. Not over all and not in most moments, but in some moments, in the moments when I get overwhelmed or in the moments when I have to go to work when my friends are going to brunch, my job is a hard thing. Oh, and also the moments when I have no idea what someone is asking me because they’re speaking Spanish over the phone or the moments when it’s been raining for weeks and our dryer quits working. Those moments are hard things.

And it turns out that all those hard things I’ve been talking about doing are well, hard, and I’m kind of a baby. Because my personality and my experiences and my privilege. So today I wanted to quit. I felt deep down in my gut that I wanted to quit. So I went to a couple of trusted friends and looked for justification for my entitlement and pride. I went looking for permission from smart people to quit. And I didn’t find it.

Because my friends are smart and godly women who want what is best and godly for me. And so, as some of them have told me before and as I’m sure all of them will have to tell me in the future – they reminded me of the words I’ve spoken and written so many times.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

“Nothing is impossible with God.”

“Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”

“We can do hard things.”

This morning I sat on my couch and cried about my hard things and even as I was crying I realized and knew a very true truth. That my things really aren’t that hard. That getting up in the morning and going to work and doing my job because that’s what I’ve committed to do until May really isn’t that hard. That there are people who have to do the very hard thing of getting up and living their life in a country where the president mocks them. There are people doing very hard things these days in the United States of America. Hard and scary things like being their very selves.

I have to do the hard thing of getting over myself. Removing myself from the center of my universe, putting my eyes back on Jesus, and doing the work that He has asked me to do. And He surely hasn’t asked me to quit.

My sweet friends keep reminding me that God has me here with these very people at this exact time for a reason. And because God is good His reasons are good. His plans for me are good. Nowhere in the whole stinking Bible does it say that His plans are us for easy. Jesus, as our example, did a lot of hard things. Like ignoring cultural prejudice and misogyny. Like building relationships with other humans. Like raising people from the dead. Like dying.

Because He loves me, because He has deemed me worthy, because He has called me, because He has hunted me down and bought me back from death and sin and entitlement and pride, I really can do hard things. And so can you.

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