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I’m still 3 books behind, but I got to go to the library yesterday so I’m doing some work this week with real books! My last bunch can pretty much be divided into two groups – ones I liked and ones I kinda liked or didn’t like at all.


I’m pretty familiar with Fight Club but I tried to read Chuck Palahniuk‘s as if I didn’t know the story and I think I succeeded because I really enjoyed it. I did, however, definitely picture Ed Norton and Brad Pitt throughout, which I think only improved the experience.

Maybe we have to break everything
to make something better
out of ourselves.
– Fight Club, Chuck Palahniuk

Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic, like many non fiction books, has way too long a title, but that was just about the book’s only flaw. Elizabeth kind of scared me into writing (which I totally did for a couple of days) but she also reminded me, as most writings about writing do, that I am writing, even if I’m not working on my novel, and that even if I’m not writing, there are lots of others ways I am living out a creative life. I wrote about it.

I think it’s a mighty act of human love
to remind somebody
that they can accomplish things by themselves,
and that the world does not
automatically owe them any reward,
and that they are not as weak and hobbled
as they may believe.
– Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert

I’ve recently discovered crime books! They’re just like reading an episode of Criminal Minds! So I loved Lisa Gardner’s Find Her. It was well written and exciting and had me guessing till the end.

Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham was just great! It was happy and thoughtful and fun. It’s the story of a young actress living in New York trying to deal with the fact that she isn’t as successful as she hoped she’d be. It wasn’t anything earth shattering, but I enjoyed reading it and I liked how Franny grew and learned. I could really relate to her as a young 20 something.

The Danish Girl by David Ebershoff is based on the true story of one of the first gender reassignment surgeries. I loved experiencing life through the eyes of a transgender individual (although as one reviewer pointed out on GoodReads, Einar probably also suffered from dissociative identity disorder), and really loved Einar/Lili’s wife, Gerda. I tried to watch the movie but wasn’t feeling it.

Three Little Words by Sarah N. Harvey was a book that I didn’t want to stop reading! I loved the characters and the story (it’s about a boy who was adopted when he was young whose biological mother is sick and biological half brother has gone missing).

THE MIDDLE10391817_10103336869323948_2585263745569010315_n

I had heard about Wm Paul Young’s The Shack for years and I finally read it. I liked it, I liked the idea (a man spending a weekend with the Triune God), but I didn’t like some specifics – why the Abba Father figure (mostly portrayed as a black woman) sometimes speaks ebonics and sometimes doesn’t, for example. So it didn’t make it to the top, but I did enjoy it.

I don’t do humiliation, or guilt, or condemnation.
They don’t produce one speck
of wholeness or righteousness,
and that is why they were nailed
into Jesus on the cross.
The Shack, Wm. Paul Young

Titanic by Gordon Korman is a children’s book and it was fun, but nothing special. I like how the four main characters’ stories intersect throughout their journey on the ship.

The Vanishing of Katharina Linden by Helen Grant was probably my least favorite book of this bunch. It’s kind of another Criminal Minds episode chronicling the disappearances of young girls in a small town, but from the point of view of a child. It’s actually a lot of boring chapters and then a lot of action packed in the last few chapters.

I needed a quick read (still 3 books behind!) so I picked Permission to Speak Freely by Anne Jackson off my bookshelf and read it in a day or two. It’s about the questions we ask in church, or more specifically, the questions we feel we can’t ask in church. It was a great idea, and I definitely did some underlining (unfortunately haven’t typed those guys up yet), but it just didn’t make it to the top.

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