i am grateful (for m).


I am grateful for the mystery of peace, for the way my fears and anxieties and worries and complaints melt away in the presence of magnificent mountains. On the back of a motorcycle, on the way to town, mundane day to day moments are made wonderful by the towering presence of the mountains. They’re right there. They’re steady and immovable and they don’t change. But You tell me my faith can make them jump.

I am grateful for missions. For the people who packed their belongings in coffins because they really did love Jesus more than anything. I am grateful for ministers. For servants and teachers and humble leaders.

I am grateful for my. My my my my. My town, my mountains, my neighbors, my church, my legs that carry me from here to there. I am grateful for a change of pace, for a challenge, for a new mission, a reason to be more.

I am grateful for music. Sweet music. Talented humans with songs in their souls, putting pen to paper, keys to keyboard, fingers to string, to keys, to heart. I am grateful for the notes and the melodies that say things my very self recognizes. I am grateful for the way YouTube will play another full album after the one you’ve chosen, so that I find myself making a bed and hearing these words sung for the first time – If it weren’t for second chances, we’d all be alone. I’m grateful that that’s true. That I’m not alone. That I need another chance. But so do you.

I am grateful for my. My my my my. My house, my stuff, my bed, my dogs, my cats, my boss, my job, my friends, my mom. For my mistakes and the mercy that is marvelously bigger than my mess-ups.

I am grateful for Michaels. They have all taught me how to be bold and better and fearless and fun and myself. (Especially the one who didn’t get it.) I am not to be toned down. I am grateful for modesty when it means exactly what it’s supposed to mean. For magic and make believe and imagination and making things up. For movies! For escape and trying something new. For learning from art.

I am grateful for my. My my my my. My body, my mind, my words, my apologies, my stumblings forward toward something bigger and better. Toward something more.


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