Two things

I’m moving tomorrow. Yesterday I sat on my couch and nearly cried thinking about moving by myself. Here’s the thing, though – I’m not moving by myself. My friends Quel and Carli (along with Carli’s super helpful and super fun daughters) are totally moving with me. Not to mention my friend of a friend and his friend with a truck. But I’m PMSing so it’s totally normal that I nearly cried about something that’s not happening.

In fact, I’m moving the opposite of by myself. I have done no part of this journey by myself. Oh, God is good and His people are great. I have two big examples of His goodness and His people’s greatness from today.

This morning I woke up ready to get stuff done. I had to get a carta de ruta (which is like a moving permit) and I had to cancel my internet. I also had 10AM plans with my best gals and I was hoping to get one if not both of my errands finished before then. So by 8:30AM I was on a moto on my way to what is the equivalent of a city hall. Long story short, I got all the papers I needed for the moving permit and the lady there said she would call me when the permit was ready so I could come pick it up. That was finished just in time for me to meet my friends for a baseball game and some churros. (In case you missed it, it sure did take me an hour and a half to get the papers over to the city hall. Because Dominican life.)

So I went to the baseball game, went to eat churros, and then went to the school to pick up my last paycheck. Here’s the first thing. The moving truck and movers tomorrow will cost me 16,000 pesos. My paycheck is usually just under 12,000. Today’s paycheck included money from the sick days I never took during the school year and extra money from entrance exams I gave. The grand total of my paycheck today was 16,500 pesos. In case you missed it, that’s 500 pesos more than I need for tomorrow. Gloria a Dios.

I still hadn’t heard from city hall so I went over there. Only to find it was closed. Ah! The movers come tomorrow morning at 6AM and we need that permit! But city hall was closed and I was annoyed because that lady never called!! even though she knew I’m leaving early tomorrow morning!! and I forgot to ask what time they close!! and now we’re going to have to wait around in the morning till the open!! So I was annoyed and bummed and disappointed (and weepy, remember the PMS?) BUT THEN a few hours later as I was organizing everything for the move THE CITY HALL LADY CALLED ME! She said she had tried to call me earlier but the call didn’t go through (which is totally believable because my cell phone is very fickle) but she knew I had to leave early in the morning SO SHE TOOK MY PERMIT HOME WITH HER! BECAUSE DOMINICAN LIFE!

So I hoped on my favorite moto (I literally thank God every time Alex is at the motoconcho stop. He’s the best.) and headed over to her house to pick up the permit and pay her (with a hefty tip!).

I am not a natural worrier but I am human and I do kind of worry sometimes. Or get annoyed with myself or others when things don’t work out as efficiently as they could’ve. But it seems that every time I get a little worried or annoyed God works everything out. He constantly goes above and beyond what I expect or deserve. He uses circumstances and people and my hard work to provide just what I need, just when I need it. Whenever I start to feel a little worried about money I always remind myself, “I have enough for today and more than enough for tomorrow,” and today that was literally and exactly true!

Tomorrow morning I’ll say goodbye to the city that has been my home for almost four years. I’m a bundle of mixed emotions but more than anything I feel peace. I go with a great God who provides.



4 thoughts on “Two things

  1. Remember my post about “me gusta”? Today I was thinking about a post regarding being busy and being worried… ocupada versus preocupada… busy before you need to be! When you talked about being worried, made me think of it again.

    When you told me the things that were last minute, my head said, “Suzanne, you have to plan better! I would’ve done this a week ago!” But my heart knew those words would do no good and not be helpful at all, and so I just prayed for you instead, that it would all work out. God is teaching you. God is teaching me.


    1. And go a week without my Netflix?! Girl you crazy. 😉 God definitely gave us to each other for some lesson learning, that’s for sure!

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