Dominican bucket list


I love lists! So here’s one of things I want to do during my time in the Dominican Republic, which will probably be at least another five years, possibly another fifty. I’m posting this sucker here and hereafter it shall be found on its own little page, updated as I do things.

  • 27 Waterfalls – In Puerta Plata there are a series of waterfalls that you can climb up and then jump/slide down.
  • Haiti – Haiti is just a bus ride away! I’d love to visit one day.
  • See the whales – I actually already did this last year but what’s the fun in making a list if you don’t include at least one thing you’ve already done that you can cross off right off the bat? Last February I rode a couple buses and motorcycles and a pick up truck to Samana to see the whales. It was intensely (and surprisingly) moving and beautiful.
  • Hike Pico Duarte – Pico Duarte is the highest peak in the Dominican Republic and every time I visit Jarabacoa my friend/guide asks when I am going to hike Pico Duarte. I am not at all convinced that I could do it, but one day I would like to start the hiking-training to be able to.
  • Drive a motorcycle – I will never be bien platanada until I drive a motorcycle. I’m not talking owning one and using it as my main mode of transportation, but learning the basics and taking a test drive would definitely be an experience to remember.
  • Caribbean cruise and/or Puerto Rico ferry – There are so many great water-bound vacation options that leave from the DR. One day I’d like to take advantage of the fact that I could drive 45 minutes from my house and get on a cruise ship.
  • Surf lesson – This is another “one and done” bucket list item. I don’t think I’d care to be a great surfer, mostly because of my intense fear of sharks and other things that live in the ocean, but with the ocean all around me it seems silly to not at least try surfing once!
  • Own goats – This is more of a general life goal, but what better place to own goats than in the mountains of Jarabacoa?
  • Cable car – I have never been in a cable car and it sounds kind of terrifying, but what better place to conquer a fear of heights than a gorgeous Dominican mountain? Mt. Isabel de Torres in Puerta Plata boasts a giant Jesus statue accessible by cable car.
  • Sleep outside/camp – The temperature DROPS here at night and every time I find myself outside after dark I find myself dreaming about a campfire and a night under the stars.

4 thoughts on “Dominican bucket list

  1. I love this 🙂 All I’m going to say is… take some good, good shoes with you when you hike Pico Duarte. I decided to do a crazy spur-of-the-moment trip over Easter, and I was maybe a little bit unprepared. For some reason, the phrase “highest mountain in the Caribbean” didn’t clue me in to the fact that the hike is difficult.

    1. Every time I go David is like, “Are you going to hike Pico Daurte this weekend?” and I’m like, “Have you not seen me STRUGGLE my way up this slight incline to get to a waterfall? I am not ready!” So when I finally do it I want to spend like, MONTHS prepping. I’ll even buy actual hiking shoes because I want to set myself up for the best possible experience because I know that even with preparation I’ll probably cry up the whole mountain.

      1. Ha! I just now saw this response. I ended up on a donkey because I simply couldn’t make it to La Comparticion without some help. I think that I also cried at some point up the mountain, so… no shame.

      2. It is now on my Dominican bucket list, but I’m giving myself the rest of my life to prepare for the climb and then actually do it. 😛

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