2016 Goals



We’re almost a week in so I guess it’s time to set some goals.

  • Read 100 books. 
    I was checking out my TBR (To Be Read) list on GoodReads and man that sucker is long. And I just keep adding to it! I’ll add any half interesting-looking book to my TBR list. And then when it’s time to read another book I often just look at Overdrive or what other people are reading and there my TBR list sits, getting longer and longer. So, in addition to setting the challenge of reading 100 books this year, I am challenging myself to only read off of my TBR list. I cannot add anything new! All year! Ah! I might end up making a separate list of books I really really want to read that I can add to my TBR list when it gets back down to 0.To make this more doable, I went through and deleted anything I didn’t actually really want to read from my TBR list, which left me with 159 beauties. Then I opened up an Excel Spreadsheet and labeled some tabs (Fiction, Historical Fiction, Jesus books, Memoir, Other Nonfiction, Sequels, Sci Fi/Fantasy, Writing, and YA) and typed each of those little beauties in there according to their genre. That way, when it’s time for a new book I can go pick a book from the genre I’m in the mood for. Oh, and instead of talking about books twice a year in groups of 50 I am going to talk about books 5 times a year in groups of 10.


  • Move to Jarabacoa.
    I have been wanting to move to Jarabacoa, a beautiful city in the mountains of the DR, for a couple of years now – pretty much since the first time I went to visit. If you’ve been around tattooedmissionary for any length of time surely you’ve read about one (or more) of my visits to Jarabacoa. Well, I was waiting around for something (like a husband) to happen that would give me a “good enough” reason to move there, and then finally one day God said to me – in one of those rare “this is God speaking” moments – “We don’t need no man! If you want to move to Jarabacoa, move to Jarabacoa!” So at the end of the school year, in late June or early July, I am moving to Jarabacoa. I do not yet have a job or a house but I do have a prospective church, a Facebook group, and an animal loving pal who is totally going to hook me up with so many puppies to foster. I think this will be a great adventure in getting out of my comfort zone (which needs to happen every once in a while) and doing things by myself. It will give me the chance to decide what I want my life to look like here for the next few years, now that I know a little bit more about what I want and need.


  • Publish The Nation.
    Yes, this will be the third time this goal has shown up on my list of new year goals. But I am so close to finishing I really have no excuse not to polish this thing up and put it out into the world. By the end of 2016, The Nation will be on somebody’s ALREADY READ list.


  • EDITED JAN. 16: Blog once a week.
    There was a time when I was blogging every day. About all kinds of things! Books and movies and Bible verses and the classroom… I was a blogging machine. Now is not that time. Now blogging is low on my list of priorities. Not as low as things like exercise and plucking my eyebrows, but definitely lower than watching Netflix and naps. But I don’t want to fall out of the habit of writing so I am setting myself the seemingly easily and totally doable goal to blog at least once a week this year.


Four is a good, round, doable number, right? 2016 let’s do this!

5 thoughts on “2016 Goals

  1. Love these! I’m so impressed you’re only going to read off your TBR without adding anything new. Kudos to you, ma’am. Also, huzzah for adventures grounded in faith and for publishing! I can’t wait to read the finished (or any not-quite-finished) version(s)!

    1. It’s just so long! And full of so many good books I’ve been wanting to read for a while. I’m sure I’ll definitely end up keeping a list of books to read afterward, but I love having a goal and a list! Thank you! I have a middle schooler and a high schooler reading it right now so once I get their thoughts, I should be able to do the last (or at least very close to last) draft!!

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