Here’s the thing about Liz Lemon

One 30 Rock-inspired blog post is never enough. So here’s another about why Liz Lemon is the greatest. (Clicking on the links will lead you to awesome screen caps of our gal Lemon.)


1. She’s the boss. Liz Lemon started a show with her friend and worked hard and believed in it until it became (kind of) successful. She’s the writer, which means she literally runs the show (with Pete’s help). And she does it without using her sexuality to get a leg up (except for that one time). The gang answers to her and that one time she even has firing power! Not only is she the boss, but she’s a pretty good boss. She cares a lot about her people, often referring to them as family. She goes out of her way to make sure Tracy and Jenna feel good about themselves and their work and don’t do anything too crazy. LL’s the greatest because she gets stuff done.

2. She’s not taking any of your crap. While it’s true that Liz often goes out of her way to tamp down Tracy and Jenna’s crazy, she won’t let things go too far. She’s educated and informed (you know, on stuff that matters), and she’s not letting anything get past ol’ Lemon. If you’re selling (hipster) nonsense, Liz is not buying.

3. She’s unapologetically herself. Liz doesn’t get caught up in the latest fads or trends. She sticks to what she knows to be true. She will not be swayed by popular opinion or even criticism. She knows what she likes (junk food and TV) and she’s not going to apologize for it. We need more women (like, all of them) to be unapologetically themselves. Being unapologetically yourself, of course, isn’t an excuse to be unapologetically a rhymes-with-witch. When I’m talking about being yourself I’m talking about wearing clothes that make you comfortable and confident. I’m talking about owning your desire to stay in your house and eat night cheese. I’m talking about breaking up with losers. I’m talking about never changing your clothes or your personality for a man, but also knowing when the guy who loves you is right. I’m talking about wearing whatever the heck you want for your own darn wedding.

4. She’s hilarious. She writes for a comedy show. She sure makes me laugh. She also makes herself laugh, which is important. Even when others don’t understand her humor or are pointedly making fun of her, she doesn’t get worked up. Sure, sometimes she gets frustrated when the gang doesn’t invite her out on Thursdays or they repeatedly call her “Badger,” but over all she knows how to keep things positive. And even when the people around her can’t see it, she knows she’s funny and that’s what counts.

5. She does the right thing even when it’s hard. Liz sacrifices a lot of her time for the good (and safety) of her coworkers. She supports her friends in their crazy endeavors. She even broke up with Dr. Drew even though he was really good looking because she couldn’t date a dummy AND stopped dating Hair because they were probably related even though he was even hotter then Dr. Drew. That’s character. And remember when she bought Christmas presents for those underprivileged kids and then went out of her way to make sure they were going to actual kids? She risked her safety for that.

6. She encourages other women to do their thing. The whole basis of Liz and Jenna’s show was to make a show by women, for women. She brought on that female guest writer, who turned out to be obnoxious but taught us all about judgement and individualism. She celebrates female historical figures. Liz is all about girl power.

In conclusion, Liz Lemon is great and an inspiration to us all. She makes me feel better about preferring mozzarella sticks to martinis. She encourages me to hold out for the right guy (I mean, she had to wait till her 40s but she got to marry James Marsden). She challenges me to never give up on my dream and to work hard to earn it. Here’s to you, Liz Lemon. You’re a real stand up gal.

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