Here’s the thing about words

I wrote a sestina.

There’s nothing more beautiful than a story,
Nothing more meaningful than words.
Your story gives life to my spirit.
Your story demands to be heard.
Whatever is living inside you
You must find a way for it to be shared.

Experience are meant to be shared.
Anything and everything can be a story.
Even if it’s not true, if it has happened to you
Find a way to find the words.
Shout it, write it, make it heard.
This sharing is good for your spirit.

When there’s something weighing on your spirit.
An easier load to carry is a load that is shared.
While you’re sharing make sure yours aren’t the only words heard.
Remember yours isn’t the only story.
Remember yours aren’t the only words.
When someone’s spirit is heavy, make sure they can come to you.

Listening is an honor bestowed on you.
Listening is seeing someone’s spirit.
Be careful with someone else’s words.
Some stories aren’t yours to be shared.
Discern what is and what isn’t your story.
Some things by many shouldn’t be heard.

The most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard,
Was the truth as it came from you.
Your struggles and triumphs, your story
Humbled and lifted my undeserving spirit.
I promise by me your secrets won’t be shared.
Secure and safe with me are your words.

At the end of the day we have only our words.
And trust me, those words should be heard.

All you’ve seen, heard, and though should be shared.

Who better to share the truth than you?

Do right by and honor your spirit.

Proudly proclaim your life, sing loudly your story.

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