Here’s the thing about May

On the first day of May I walked down the stairs of my apartment building to be greeted by my principal. I was ten minutes late for school and she was holding a puppy. “It’s a puppy!” she said. “Put him in your apartment!” Or something like that. So, naturally, I put him in my apartment and he’s been here ever since. Someone had left him in a box on our school’s property. I had been saying for a while that I wanted a dog, but that I wasn’t going to go out looking for one. And this month one found me! In May I also watched a crap ton of TV, read more nonfiction than in any other month, finished 30 Days of Yoga (and then kept practicing yoga) and went to Ikea in the DR for the first time. (It’s just like Ikea anywhere else.) I also find out I’m headed back to Brooklyn for a week this summer with YouthWorks! It was a nice month.

11107168_10152815768371606_2783115299152663938_n (1)BLOG POSTS & ARTICLES //

Courageous at Consuming Fire – Our stories are important.

When the Very Best Missionary isn’t a Missionary at all… by Jamie the Very Worst Missionary – Good intentions are not enough.

Work It, Girl: Professional Dressing for the Modern Ladyperson at I Miss You When I Blink – Always on point.

Dadbod, Mombod and Our Pretty Bad Bod Prob at Time – “Seth Rogen could plausibly knock up Katherine Heigl on film, but if Rebel Wilson had a cinematic one-night stand with Ryan Gosling, the script would probably call for them to raise the baby together as friends until her kindness and personality eventually eclipsed her BMI or she got the gastric sleeve.”

Our Parenting Yes’s and No’s by Jen Hatmaker – “Parenting is less “Stratego” and more “Chance” than we imagined.”


Here’s the thing about not going to Peru“God reminded me that if I want to be more like Him, the first step is sacrifice.”


Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 – Surprisingly enjoyable.

Under the Dome on Netflix – Loved it. It’s what happens when an impenetrable dome is dropped down over a town trapping lots of different kinds of people inside. Sparks fly! I loved the diversity in the characters (biracial same sex couple, hey-oh!, chunkie, smart, Asian girl with deaf family members, love it!) and I loved the fun stuff and the hard stuff and the smart stuff and the mushy romance stuff. I loved it so much I read the book! Which was nothing like the TV show but I liked being able to picture Barbie while reading because he’s a babe.

Grace and Frankie on Netflix – So funny. Just a nice, easy watch.

The Returned on Netflix – Intriguing! I was surprised to discover that I didn’t really care that there wasn’t any forward motion. Each episode tells the story of someone who has come back from the dead. I think I watched ten episodes and by the end of the tenth we really are no closer to knowing why these people come back, but I still want more! Stories are fun.


Baby Goat Gives It All Its Got – The only seven second video of a baby goat you’ll ever need.

Wheel of Musical Impressions with Jamie Foxx – Best musical impressions I’ve seen!


The roots of these problems are deep. This is not only about a few, sad and appalling cases. We are constantly (or at least I feel I was) taught in school that racism is about consciously choosing to judge someone based on the color of their skin. The reality is that we make subconscious judgments about people because we are designed to classify the world around us to understand it and unless we work very, very hard to understand and empathize with others we will allow those subconscious prejudices to become reality to us. We don’t need more people to think that being “colorblind” is a realistic solution to confronting these problems or that race is the only factor in these demonstrations/protests/riots/police killings. And you have to dismiss the experiences of literally millions of people to think that there is not something very wrong happening.

There have been many, many, many policies sanctioned by federal, state and local governments that push minorities and the impoverished to the bottom instead of lifting them up. And the truth is there are still many that exist today. We need to work toward understanding and supporting each other and instead of ignoring things that don’t appear to effect us directly. My heart aches for the people who are so hopeless or frustrated or angry or whatever that they burn their own city. I will not scold them or roll my eyes or turn my head. They need us to quit acting like we know how they should cope and listen.

-My friend since infancy, Carolyn Roe

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