Here’s the thing about March

I decided March was the perfect time to finally read the Twilight series (I started book three this morning), start yoga (thanks Adriene!), and go back to Jarabacoa. Semana Santa (Holy Week) is this week. A week with no school is a great way to wind up March and head into April.



God Needs Dangerous Women? at She Loves Magazine – “The kind of danger I’m talking about is not danger that intends to hurt, but to heal. It’s not danger that intimidates, but danger that stretches out a hand and sets a prisoner free.”

the lie that made me give up at Defeating the Dragons – “For women who grow up in purity culture, it’s common to look at all of this and tell ourselves that we’re just feeling the after-effects of ‘losing our purity.’ Next time, it will be better. Next time we won’t let this happen. And the word for what all of this is goes ignored. Coercion.”

Fancy or Casual? A Ladyperson’s Guide to All Occasions at I Miss You When I Bilnk – So helpful.

Dear Youth Pastor (Because You Have Gay Students In Your Youth Group) by John Pavlovitz – “…they don’t need something from you at all. They need you. They need Jesus, formed in your flawed flesh, right in front of them.”

Why are white people expats when the rest of us are immigrants? at the guardian – The title question alone is enough.

the radical notion that children are people at Defeating the Dragons – “One of the things I’ve learned from Libby Anne is the radical notion that children are people. I wish that wasn’t such a startling statement, but for our culture, it very much is. Our culture doesn’t recognize the full humanity of our children.”

10 Reasons Homeless People Sleep Out in the Cold – and Die at Gotta Find a Home – Listen.


Here’s the thing about the women I needed to see part 2: body-love“Sometimes we physically, emotionally, spiritually cannot be the change we wish to see in the world. Sometimes we cannot even be the change we wish to see in ourselves. For that we have each other.”


And So It Goes on Netflix – A nice little movie about next door neighbor-opposites who attract and the cute little granddaughter that brings them together.

Meet the Robinsons on Netflix – I just love those animated films! This is such a fun one and tugs at the foster care and adoption part of my heart.

Chicago on Netflix – A fun musical number. I love big cities in the 20s!

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix – What a great show! I watched it twice this month. Just good, clean fun from our favorite gal, Tina Fey. If you haven’t watched it yet and you still aren’t convinced it’s worth your time, read this!


I Waited For You by Passion for Christ Movement – This woman’s vows are beautiful. “You don’t complete me. I am complete in God, but He loves me so much that he gave me you.”

This May Be The Most Insane Bike Ride Ever Attempted. And It’s Incredible To Watch at Liftable – People are insane and brave and beautiful and I didn’t even know bikes could do some of these tricks!


“For I was hungry and you said, ‘Sorry, we don’t serve gays.’ I was thirsty and you said, ‘That water fountain is for whites only.’ I was a stranger and you said, ‘Go back to Mexico and get outta my country.’ I needed clothes and you said, ‘No more handouts from my tax dollars.’ I was sick and you said, ‘I can’t give you that medicine because it’s against my religion.’ I was in prison and you said, ‘Put him in the electric chair.'” – Matt Nelson

“This is the best day of my life. I’m a genius. I love people and people love me. I never criticize, condemn, or complain. Everyone I meet today is loving and respectful. I love God and God loves me.” – Humans of New York 

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