Here’s the thing about living alone

I spent the past month sleeping on other people’s twin beds (graciously given, graciously received), snooping through other people’s bathrooms for q-tips, typing in long and complicated wifi passwords, and wearing a bra like, all day. Now finally I am home. I am home in my big girl bed. Home in my bathroom where the q-tips are super accessible (you’re welcome, house guests). Home where my laptop automatically connects to the internet. Home where I can go all day without being presentable or modest.

On the down side, there’s nobody around to cook me dinner.

Two weeks before I started this month long adventure of Christmas with the family, New Years in New York, and house-sitting, I got my own place. I moved into a one-bedroom apartment. I filled it up with all my stuff. I hung up all my art and I lit all my candles. I immediately started a puzzle. And it was really nice!


Then I spent a couple of weeks at my parents’ house surrounded by my freshly painted furniture. Then I spent a week in Brooklyn surrounded by my friends and all the clementines and chocolate I could eat. Then I spent two weeks house-sitting here in SPM surrounded by my new favorite animals. Now that I’m back I’m cherishing my own space more than ever. Here are some reasons I’m really digging this whole living alone business.

1. I already talked about the bra thing. Anything goes wardrobe-wise when nobody’s around to see you. It also helps that nobody lives in the apartment next door and most of my windows face blank walls or trees.

2. I am totally free to let all the cats in here that I want. Roommates never really stopped me from doing that, but I would feel super guilty when the cats peed on their stuff.

3. I’m in charge of all the decorating!! Which means in my living room you can find a disco ball, a world map, a cut out of Ron Weasley circa year 7, a wooden cat, and painting postcards featuring the works of various impressionist artists.

4. My music all the time! As loud as I want! Blast that Country Station, Spotify!

5. I’m in charge of (and responsible for) all of the scents. Crank that candle warmer!

6. Living simply was never so easy. No microwave, no TV, no dryer, no blender, no gas for the stove, no curtains, no silverware… when there’s no roommate to go halfsies, you find out what’s really important to you. What’s important to me is apparently Dr. Pepper and candles.

7. Am I on my fourth straight hour of Netflix? Is this my second can of Dr. Pepper this afternoon? Did I just eat chocolate covered pretzels for dinner? Who knows! Nobody but me and my cat.

8. When you live in a small one bedroom apartment it really ain’t no thing to clean the whole joint.

9. I don’t have to worry about silly things like closing doors. I swept behind my bedroom door yesterday and there was an inch of dust. I literally have not shut that thing since I moved in.

10. Sometimes in roommate-land something is in the fridge and we’ve established it’s for everyone but really I’m hoping it’ll still be there when I’m ready for it. Now that I live by myself, I am everyone. It’s all always still there when I’m ready for it.

All of the roommates I’ve ever had are super awesome ladies and it was a joy to live with them (except for that summer between my junior and senior years of college when I lived with randos from the internet – don’t do that). I am also a super awesome lady and it is a joy to live with me.

How about you, reader friend? How do you feel about living solo? Liberating or lonely?

5 thoughts on “Here’s the thing about living alone

  1. You’re making me miss living alone! Enjoy it! SUCH a fun experience! I still do some of those things now that I’m married and work from home (see: only wearing a bra occasionally), but the food I’m hoping will still be there later is almost always gone when I go looking for it.

    1. One of the things that really pushed me to live alone was when a friend of mine married a man within a year of knowing him. I was like, “Anything can happen! This time next year I could be married! Life is crazy! I better live alone now while I can!” Taking advantage of all this fridge space. 😉

  2. I love living alone! For all of the above reasons and more. It is nice occasionally to have someone to talk to, but I’m such an introvert, that I can go long stretches without it and not really miss a thing. I can be as messy as I want, if I want, and who cares? When I’m writing, the mess piles up because I don’t notice. I’m so fixated for hours or days that I only concentrate on writing and using the facilities when I need to. It’s amazing!

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