Here’s the thing about social media

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One of the most typed pieces of advice for budding new authors is that they should build a social media platform and have a strong online presence. I was surprised to discover that this mostly means reading other people’s stuff, commenting on it, and entering into conversations. It is not enough just to put your stuff out there and hope someone reads it. Trust me.

I’ve been an online journaler for a good ten years. That part was easy. I’ve been on Facebook pretty much since it was a thing. That part was also easy. But I’d been avoiding Twitter because I didn’t get the point – like, it’s just Facebook statuses? and I’d also been avoiding Instagram and Snapchat because I didn’t have a smart phone. So I was kind of just crossing my fingers that the occasional posted comment on WordPress would be enough and that the pictures of cats and comments about Netflix would be enough to draw people to my Facebook.

But now I’m actually thinking hard about this whole releasing-a-book-thing and for Christmas I got a new fancy iPod that is practically a smart phone. So, I got a Twitter account, signed into Instagram, and downloaded the Tumblr app. (Oh, did I not mention Tumblr, right? I adore Tumblr.) Well, I still don’t know what Twitter is. I tried it for a while but deactivated. I’m loving Instagram, though, and I’ll never stop loving Tumblr.

So I have an online presence on Facebook, WordPress, Instagram, Tumblr, and Goodreads (I think I talked enough about Goodreads yesterday). Oh, and Pinterest, but I don’t feel like that actually counts. That is just a reference point for me when I need an easy crockpot recipe or a first grade worksheet. So I’m on all of these social medias and I can’t help but wonder that everyone is synced up. My Facebook newsfeed looks a lot like my Instagram homepage, is what I’m saying. And so I ask myself again, “What is the point?” If everything is synced up and posting everywhere when you’ve posted one place, what is the point of having five different accounts on five different sites/apps? I couldn’t see one.

Now. Here is why you should follow me on all of my accounts. Every one of my accounts has original content. I am not synced up. You can scroll through my Tumblr for encouraging words on pretty pictures and then scroll through Instagram and see other encouraging words on different pictures (and also pictures from life with the occasional witty comment). You can scroll through Facebook and find status updates that are not also on Instagram (and we’ve already discussed Twitter). Then you can head on over to this blog and find a lot of words on a myriad of topics. If you just want to talk books, let’s meet on Goodreads. If you just want to talk book quotes, let’s meet on Words, Wisdom, etc.

I’ve always appreciated organization – keeping separate things separate – and I’m carrying out that trait here on the interwebs. This works for you! Instead of seeing the same floral print with “You go girl!” in a fancy font five different times, you will see it only once from me. So if you’re looking for variety, I’m your girl in 2015. See you on the interwebs!


How do you do social media? Are you all synced up or keeping in separate? Are you on every site or are you more choosy?

2 thoughts on “Here’s the thing about social media

  1. I focus mainly on my blog and my Facebook page, which definitely have distinct feeds, though I do sometimes link to my blog on my Facebook page. I have a Twitter account and am trying once more to get into it, but it’s really hard for me to figure out how I can say something useful and meaningful in so few characters.

    1. Yeah I still just have not gotten the hang of Twitter! I just don’t get it. I feel like it’s for specific things. For example, sports fans live-tweeting a sporting event that can all discuss what’s happening in real time. Perhaps gals like you and I just don’t have a use for Twitter! We need more words! I often link my blog on my Facebook page, too. I think it’s a good idea.

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