Here’s the thing about 24 hours with Suzanne

I love get-to-know-you questions. Mostly because I like talking about myself and the best way to politely do that is to ask everyone at the table a question and then give a nice, hearty personal example answer to start things off. My favorite get-to-know-you question is, “If you had fifty words to describe yourself, what three words would you not use?” For example, if I had fifty words to describe myself I would not use the words athletic, small, or careful. (See what I did there?)

Last year at a YouthWorks Site Director Training – Hey! Have you heard about YouthWorks? They do great short term missions things and if you love Jesus and are a 20-something and would like to get paid to do missions with like-minded 20-somethings in the summertime, you should totally go apply with YouthWorks – one of the get-to-know-you questions was, “If I followed you around for 24 hours, what would I learn about you?” which is an interesting one that I thought I’d re-answer here for your enjoyment and for because I like to talk about myself. Also, self-reflection is an important part of growth, so talking about myself is kind of helpful and beneficial for us all.

What 24 hours with Suzanne looked like pretty much all last school year. Kittens!!

If you followed me around for 24 hours you’d find out pretty quickly that I talk to myself/inanimate objects a lot. Back when I had a cat, I’d talk to the cat a lot. Now I have no mask and I’m just sitting in my bedroom talking to myself. Speaking of speaking, if you followed me around for 24 hours you’d also find out that I speak Spanish. Pretty well by now.

If you followed me around for 24 hours you would discover that I need time to myself, especially after being with a bunch of people for a bunch of time, which is being a first grade teacher is, which is why if you followed me around for 24 weekday hours, most of that “following around” would be sitting in my apartment because after seven hours of six-year-olds I need my me time. You know, to talk to myself.

In our 24 hours together I hope you’d discover that I like Jesus. I know you’d discover that I like Harry Potter. You’d see me drink pop, because I like that, too, and you’d hear me call it “pop” because I’m from Michigan and that’s how we roll. You’d learn that I love animals and that I love to talk about TV shows and movies and books and fictional lands and people. You’d learn that I’m not very patient, especially when things that are supposed to work don’t work. You’d learn that I LOVE ORGANIZATION and writing things down and making lists and checking things off and using my calculator. Basically you’d learn that I’m a big, huge nerd.

If we spent 24 hours together I’d probably ask you to play a game with me (a sit down game) and I might even be able to bully you into saying yes even if you didn’t want to play a game, although I’m getting better at that bullying thing. In our time together you’d probably see me sniff my notebook at least once because I adore the smell of ink, especially ink from Bic pens written out in my notebook. (Hey! That reminds me! Another get-to-know-you question I’d like to start employing is, “What would your Harry Potter love potion smell like?” It smells like all the things you love. Mine would smell like ink and Dr. Pepper and cats.) I also like how notebook paper gets all wrinkly and heavy with words, so if you followed me around for 24 hours you’d probably see me running my fingers over the pages, too.

If we spent 24 hours together, you’d probably see me dance, because I do that often and I do that well. *Large wink* Hopefully you’d laugh, and hopefully you wouldn’t be too bored watching me putz around on my computer, commenting to nobody in particular (aka the cat that no longer lives here) about what I’m seeing on Tumblr and Facebook and WordPress. Hopefully we wouldn’t spend too much time on YouTube watching Jimmy Fallon and Ellen DeGeneres clips because I always feel like I’ve wasted time after a YouTube binge-watching, unless that binge-watching was done on StarKid’s channel. In 24 hours together I’d probably mention StarKid because I enjoy them and I’m always looking for a friend to get sucked into the parody musical madness with me.

If you followed me around for 24 hours we’d laugh, we’d cry, we’d eat (oh, you know we’d eat) and we’d do a lot of sitting around. We’d also teach, do some high-fiving, some writing-on-the-board, and some dancing. I’d make up a song or two about math or the alphabet and maybe you’d sing along (my made up songs are not complicated I promise). Maybe you’d get to see me write some of my novel, or a witty blog post. Maybe we’d watch something on Netflix or listen to some sweet jams. We’d probably listen to a Harry Potter audio book while I planned lessons and graded papers. We’d go to the bathroom a lot (seriously, I pee a lot). Maybe we’d bake something or go to McDonalds! All I know is, if you’re looking for a super chill, kind of fun, pretty nerdy time, you can totally follow me around for 24 hours. I’ll bring the Dr. Peppers.

One thought on “Here’s the thing about 24 hours with Suzanne

  1. I would love to spend 24 hours with you! I think that we could help each other with our novels. I actually have a cat, so you could play with a kitten once again (or talk to him, if you want). I haven’t tried a Dr. Pepper yet. One of my friends is addicted to it, but I’m more a strawberry soda guy. And I want to play monopoly so mad, so you would have a voluntary sit down game partner. I also talk to myself a lot, like worrying-a-lot! But I always say to myself (can you see that the solution begins with my problem? I’m really damaged) that it is because I’m a script writer, so I need to create and practice the lines with someone, and if there’s no one, well, I need to talk with myself. And that keeps me sane… I guess.
    I’m finally going to start with Harry Potter, so wish me the best. I’m really excited to begin with that adventure.

    Saludos 🙂

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