Here’s the thing about today

It rained today. A lot. 

I had planned to stay after school for a while to get some work done. I had just gotten into my lesson planning when the rain started. I knew I’d be stuck at school for as long as the rain kept up so I settled on in and got some work done. Three hours later I had finished 90% of the work I needed to do for next week and the rain had let up. I packed it all up, rolled up my pants, and headed out to Bible Study.

There was still some drizzle and plenty of flooding, which meant plenty of opportunity to get wet. But I kept my spirits high! Life’s an adventure, right? I had to walk through a few inches of water to get out of the school then I was on my way. About half way to Bible Study I ran into trouble. An entire street corner was flooded. Cars were slowing wayyy down and I had to come up with a game plan. There was no way around, no dry land in sight. I rolled my pants up a bit more, took a deep breath, and sloshed right in.

The trouble with the flooded streets of San Pedro is that the rain/sewer water is so dirty you can’t see to the street below. The other trouble is that the streets are pretty cracked and unpredictable. So when there’s ankle-deep water covering the sidewalks, one has to step very carefully. As I was taking it slow through about twenty feet of ankle-deep water, ducking under trees and grabbing fences for support, I tried very hard not to think about all of the used diapers and pile of poop I pass on the sidewalk on a regular basis.

Finally I arrived at Bible Study a little damp but over all good, only to find that Bible Study had been cancelled on account of the weather. 

Thankfully, my Bible Study leader gave me a ride home (and a loaf of bread!) When I got home I found that our windows had been left open (she says passively, as if she had nothing to do with the fact that her bedroom window was open) and the rain had made itself at home in our home. That means a corner of my bed was soaked, there were puddles in the living room and if I could’ve picked it up, I could’ve wrung out the couch. 

This happens every time it rains, so you’d think we could remember to close our windows, but we don’t. 

I grabbed the mop and got to work, moving things around, covering things with towels, redirecting fans, and mopping water up. I also closed the windows. Too little too late, you say? Oh no, more rain was to come! Apparently there’s a hurricane around these parts? I’m not sure. All I know is rain = cool breeze and I’m a-okay with that. As long as the window in my bedroom is shut.

After cleaning up after the rain I cleaned up myself with a nice shower. I should probably mention that while I was cleaning up I only dumped the bucket of mop water once. But I did lift the mop up into the ceiling fan (which was going at high speed to dry out my bed) and it whipped the mop out of my hands and took a chunk out of the handle! Crazy. Once that was all taken care of I sat down and ate the loaf of bread my Bible Study leader gave me as a consolation prize, ripping it off one hunk at a time and slathering each hunk with butter, while I watched Modern Family. After putting in ten hours at the school and walking around in the rain (both outside and inside my apartment) I welcomed the twenty minutes of bread and comedy. 

But for some reason the rain is energizing. So I got up, finally finished unpacking (you know, from when I got back from the States two weeks ago) and rearranged my room (so now when I leave my window open and it rains my dresser will get wet instead of my bed). The dresser, now under the window where my bed used to be, really emphasized how ugly and boring the window is. So I took stock of the junk I’d been holding onto (it is seriously insane how much junk I have for only having lived in this country for two years) and made some janky curtains. They are made from a shower curtain and an old tank top. It’s really only one curtain and it looks like this:


If you want to make your own janky curtains, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Find two things you used to love but have ruined with your carelessness.
  2. Cut them up, poke holes in them, and add a couple of staples for good measure.
  3. Don’t clean anything and make sure it’s all super wrinkly.
  4. Slap it all together and hang it in front of your window.

So that was my Friday. It’s still raining! And despite our struggles I still love it. And the super loud thunder! Dominican thunder is the loudest I’ve ever heard. 

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