Here’s the thing about art journaling

I wouldn’t classify myself as “creative.” I am an organizer. A black-and-white, right-and-wronger. I like guidelines and rubrics and checklists. I am a-okay doing things by the book. I like knowing what to expect. I like clear direction and frequent affirmation. 

And yet…

I like making something out of nothing. Better yet, I like making something better out of existing somethings. I like cutting and gluing and coloring and taping. I like writing. I like using letters and words and phrases and sounds and putting them together to make that something better. 

And lately I’ve been wanting to do more creating. More Pinterest crafts. More magazine collages. More cutting and gluing. 

I don’t really see myself as a creative type, but I am creating and it’s fun and encouraging and enjoyable. 

My friend Vicki must’ve known I had this in me, because she gave me a Smash book for a college graduation present. I’ve spent the past two years being intimidated by all of the pretty pages, afraid to do something that would ruin it. But, as she always does, Elora Nicole has inspired me to do my thing, even when my thing is cutting out words and gluing them on the only plain white piece of paper in the whole book and accenting with food coloring because I don’t own any paints. Or crayons. Or markers than aren’t Sharpies or highlighters. 

So I made this. 


I’m excited to fill up this book with words and colors and creations. I’m excited to chase away the fear of “messing up” and see it replaced with joy. And more colors. And probably some glitter. Art journaling is a thing and I’m into it.

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