Here’s the thing about being gold

I was doing the blogging rounds (Brittany, Herself, Momastery, Elora Nicole, Five Kids Is A Lot Of Kids – the usual) and found myself over at Donald Miller’s blog, Storyline, reading something life-giving that Glennon of Momastery wrote. She was answering an e-mail, writing to someone who believed that they didn’t have the time or talent to write.

You guys, I am so spoiled. So fortunate. So blessed. So lucky. So privileged. So… whatever. Because I have all of these strong, talented, hard-working, beautiful, brave women who are off living their lives in different states and countries and they’re taking time out of their messy, grace-filled, gorgeous lives to share words of encouragement and wisdom and failure and forgiveness with the internet world. I am so grateful for these women (who don’t even know I exist) and for their words.

This is what I wrote down today. These are Glennon’s words to those of us without the “time or talent” to write things down or type things up (“no time or talent” generally meaning “lots of fear”).

Don’t give us someone who knows how to string together lovely words—as if words were flowers and writing simply a matter of arranging them attractively. Give us someone who fills up her trembling hands with her dirty insides and holds them out to us and says, “Are we sure this is dirt? Might it be gold?”

I mean. Right? It might be gold! In fact, I’m almost certain that it is.

So I got out my notebook (the fancy one, not the Harriet the Spy one) and found the perfect page for these perfect words. As I copied them down, do you know what flashed in my mind? Finn. Grayson. The Commonwealth. My story! Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve thought of that story? I feel it, but I feel it down deep inside of me, like it’s not ready to come out yet. But these flashes and glimpses are exciting and encouraging. And maybe I’m just making up excuses for laziness and all of that fear, but in the meantime I will keep reading the words of those strong, good women and I’ll believe them.


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