Here’s the thing about writing fire

Nobody encourages me to write more than Elora, a woman who I’ve never met, but on whose blog I have spent much time. This is what she says today on Facebook:

I finished the first draft of my second novel a few weeks ago. I almost quit. When I wrote that last word in the last chapter and looked up to see my friend sitting in the chair resting in the corner of my office, I couldn’t help but smile.

Writing is hard. It takes more out of you then you ever anticipate and often excavates things you weren’t ready to face.

But if you do it well—which means if you do it your way—the words will always burn.

Write fire.

People will try and tell you what to write. They’ll offer advice every which way and twice on Sundays.

But in order to write fire, you must first focus on the words already lit within you.

– Elora Nicole

7 thoughts on “Here’s the thing about writing fire

  1. That’s good stuff! Keep up all the hard work in your writing Suz! It will pay off. I’ve always thought “Suzanne should write a book”. You’ve got a lot to say!

      1. I am “currently” writing a couple… meaning I have started four different novels and haven’t touched any of them in weeks. Whoops!

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