Here’s the thing about Maleficent (SPOILER ALERT)

I saw Maleficent today with my mom. It was impressive! It’s always refreshing to see a movie take a realistic look at love. True love’s first kiss can’t happen between two people who don’t even know each other, no matter how attractive or royal they are! I’m also enjoying the different kinds of true love Disney is displaying lately (Frozen, anyone?). Not only was Maleficent visually entertaining (she flies!), but it also told the story of a complicated human who, like the rest of us, makes bad choices and good choices and has to figure out the best way to deal with the consequences of those choices in light of the people (slash crows) she has come to love.

It’s a story of growth and betrayal and forgiveness and revenge. It’s a story of beauty and power and being brought low. It’s a story of redemption and renewal. It’s a story of fairies and dragons. It’s a story of friendship and loyalty and a king gone mad with greed and regret. Maleficent is many things, but three lessons in particular stood out for me.

1. Boys are generally trouble… You just can’t trust ’em. One minute they’re chucking away their prized iron ring in order to be close to you and the next minute they’re cutting off your wings. Or maybe the lesson is that when ambition comes before relationship, trouble is sure to follow. Or maybe the lesson is never trust a man who wants to be king. Or maybe the lesson is to always guard your heart. Especially after he’s been gone for a few years without explanation or communication. Yeah, that sounds good. Guard your heart.


2. …but they can make great friends. Okay so they aren’t all bad. If you save a guy’s life, for example, he’ll probably be loyal to you till the end.


3. Girl power. Seriously. Was there ever a greater display of girl power than Angelina Jolie as Maleficent? She is in charge of her destiny. She fights back. She admits when she was wrong. She puts others first. She accepts the consequences of her choices and she works to make things right. She also defeats like, three different armies with her power and strength and cunning and beauty. Okay maybe not her beauty but she looks good, right?



In conclusion, if you haven’t seen Maleficent yet, well, I may have just ruined it a bit for you, but I did warn you with the giant SPOILER ALERT. But if you haven’t seen Maleficent yet and you ain’t afraid of no spoilers, you should check it out. It’s exciting and action packed! And pretty and sweet and there’s a dragon!

If you have seen Maleficent, please share what pearls of wisdom you gleaned from the tale. Perhaps, while I focused on the relational elements of the story, you focused on how you should never entrust your baby to three tiny fairy ladies or how all fairies should have iron-resistant armor. Whatever you learned or thought, I want to hear (well, read) about it!

6 thoughts on “Here’s the thing about Maleficent (SPOILER ALERT)

  1. My feelings about the movie were torn. I enjoyed quite a bit of it, but I had a hard time accepting the plot. I kept reminding myself it was a children’s movie, but I still expected it to be a bit more developed. Really though, could anyone have a more perfect FACE for this role than Angelina Jolie?

    I was happy with the conclusion about true love’s kiss, though I have to admit it reminded me of Frozen. I couldn’t help wondering if Disney was banking on the success of Frozen’s true love scene to make this one successful. Realistically, this was probably already written and ready when Frozen came out. I like that true love takes time. These are the lessons we should teach.

    1. The ending definitely reminded me of Frozen, also, but in Frozen it was sisterly love and in Maleficient it was just human to human love really. Every other movie ever has a romantic love, making all of those other movies more similar than Frozen and Maleficient. Ya know?

  2. Yes, there was…in the original Sleeping Beauty, in which they had a female villain which could turn into a freaking dragon, was not motivated by anything a man ever did to her and who had the world at her feet and three heroines, which were neither beautiful, nor young.

      1. oops, sorry, wrong article…my own is only a couple of month old. (not really awake yet, I meet yesterday with a some People to watch Interstellar and man is this movie long….

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