Here’s the thing about a high schooler, an animated Viking, and a jaded doctor

My three favorite fictional characters of the male gender this week are as follows:

Axl Heck, The Middle
My two brothers, working parents, and myself really enjoy The Middle. It could be because for a while when I was in high school we had to flush our toilet by pulling a chain or it could be because we have enjoyed many a family meal in front of the TV, but whatever the reason, I am a Heck family fan. Axl, the oldest Heck child, is a football star, pretty boy, shallow eye-rolling, large sighing, lazy teenager. Generally he just cracks me up with his ridiculousness and relatability.

tumblr_lxvpqqRwV61r6v7v8o1_r1_500 (1)

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, How to Train Your Dragon
What’s more attractive than a dragon-trainer? Nothing, especially when said dragon-trainer is voiced by my favorite Canadian, Jay Baruchel. Hiccup gets even cooler in How to Train Your Dragon 2 – he actually flies! When he’s not busy saving his village and winning dragon wars, Hiccup is hanging out with his favorite scaly friend (Toothless the Night Fury dragon), discovering new lands, and adorably going against the grain and standing up for what he believes in – equality, friendship, and animal rights.


Dr. Robert Chase, House, M.D.
Dr. Chase and I have certainly had our ups and downs. There was the one episode where he blamed the fat girl for her own illness because of her weight. There was the time he married Cameron even though she didn’t deserve him and it was clear he was way more into it than she. Then again there was the time when he went to seminary. And all of the times he saved people’s lives by performing complicated surgeries. And all of those times he had an Australian accent and all the times he had that face. Overall, the good trumps in the bad.



Which fictional fellas are you into lately?

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