Here’s the thing about what comes next

I’m taking a break from my schedule for a while. I’ve been feeling bogged down by schedules and regulations and appointments and expectations (mostly mine) and even lists. I don’t want to write because I have to. I want to write because I have to. You know? There’s a time for discipline and routine and sitting in front of the keyboard and plugging away, but there’s also a time for freedom and exploring and going outside and getting away.

In 11 days I’ll be in the United States (in Brooklyn, woohoo!) and 7 days after that I’ll be in the Midwest (mostly Michigan) for seven weeks. I’ll still be writing and I’ll definitely still be reading all summer and all my lifelong. I don’t want to feel boxed in with my writing, though. For a while the schedule was really good for me and I trust it (or a revised version of it) will be good again but I’m a teacher and I get summer off so I’m taking a break.

After all, go big or go home, right? I’m going big with this whole summer vacation thing. (I’m also going home, but mostly going big.) I’m going big with popsicles and fireworks and campouts. I’m going big with road trips and radios loud and games on the porch. I’m going big with frequent trips to the library and the lakes. I’m also going to go big with watching TV and reading on commercials and eating dinner with my mom and dad. I’m going to go big with VBS and Sunday School, with singing praises in English for a while. I’m going big with friendships that are dependable and refreshing and I’m challenging myself to go big with reconnecting. I’m going big with celebrations and love and creativity and forgiveness and grace and learning.

Optical Amusements 

A person couldn’t stay all locked up in the house… A person had to go out and do things and see things. – Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech

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