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This week was a perfectly ordinary one spent at home with my cat. Each day I went to school, came home for lunch, reading, and a nap, tutored, wrote a chapter of Grayson (second draft, let’s do this), read some more, and watched TV. It was great. Four weeks from today I’ll be in Brooklyn.

One of my students (independently) wrote this little note this week. It says, “Te amo con todo mi corason. Te boi a inbitarte a Pichi Berge.” Which means, “Te amo con todo mi corazon. Te voy a invitarte A Pichi Burger.” Which means, “I love you with all of my heart. I am going to invite you to Pichi Burger.” Precious. And also super smart.

Articles worth checking out:

Breastfeeding Campaign Posters Stir Online Debate at Yahoo Shine – “I have yet to see a woman breastfeeding that I even notice she’s breastfeeding. Most of the time it looks like a mom cuddling her child. So if you have a problem with it, the problem is you’re staring.”

5 Things Christians Should Stop Saying at Relevant – “When we follow the examples Jesus gave us, we know the most effective evangelism begins with relationships and serving others. We don’t water down the message; we present it in a way where people are attracted to the beauty of the Gospel, not turned off by an uncomfortable question.”

In which I am learning to obey the sadness by Sarah Bessey – Of course, it’s wrong, we weren’t meant for this. This isn’t shalom. But this is what is happening – whether it’s right in our own homes or halfway around the world in Nigeria – and so we learn to obey the sadness and live into the Gospel in the midst of it, to speak the truth.”

Why girls in Nigeria should matter to you. #bringbackourgirls at Rage Against the Minivan – “Girls matter. Everywhere.”

the ministry of watching sparrows fall to the ground by D.L. Mayfield – “…all the Father God wants is to be in relationship with me. He wants me to entreat after him, to seek him, to ask him my questions, tell him of my sadness, burn with anger towards him, beat back the numbness of the Empire with everything that I have got. And all he wants to do is invite other people along with me.”

Not All Pastor’s Kids Are Christians. Sorry. by Jamie the Very Worst Missionary – “You go ahead and be scandalized over something that is none of your damn business. We’ll just be over here, loving our kids.”

My most read post:

Short Term Missions Monday: Going 50/50But here’s the thing, when you’re a short termer, it kind of is about you. Or at least it should be. And the sooner we acknowledge that, the better off we’ll all be.”

Movies I watched:

Divergent – I finally watched Divergent! And you know what, I felt underwhelmed about it. Which was familiar. In fact, I didn’t even finish the movie. Once they all woke up under the influence of the government, I shut it down. I will say this, Shailene Whatsherface is gorgeous and whoever plays Four looks pretty darn good, too.

Ender’s Game – Now here’s a set-in-the-future story done well! I was captivated throughout. The movie made me want to dive into Orson Scott Card’s book series! Especially after reading this movie review. If I loved the movie, which apparently fell short, I’d love the series, right?!

Ballplayer: Pelotero – IMDB summarizes this documentary thusly: “Two top baseball prospects in the Dominican Republic face fierce competition and corruption as they chase their big league dreams.” I summarize it this way: “Poverty sucks. Privilege is a thing. San Pedro is a great city.” You should watch it, even if you’re not a baseball fan. 

Nice YouTube videos:

What Do Strangers Think Of You? by BuzzFeedVideo – “Be kinder to yourself.”

What Is Worship? by Austin Felber – “How do you worship?”

Words to live by:

Love is the only thing that we can carry with u when we go, and it makes the end so easy. – Beth, Little Women by Louisa May Alcott


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