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This week, despite some really fun times, I’ve been on the verge of a grumpy explosion. Today I finally figured out why – my routine has been totally off. (I am my father’s daughter!) It feels good to look back on a week full of canceled tutoring, special McDonalds dinners, and flooded living rooms from Friday afternoon. It feels even better to look forward to a plain ol’ normal week full of regular routine things.


Articles worth checking out:

when we cause other people to be grateful by Ian and Larissa Murphy – we want to be driven to thankfulness. but we don’t want people to be thankful because they don’t have trials ‘as bad as ours,’ because some day they might and then that crutch that was built will be gone. that comparison, that ‘at least its not this,’ sets our heart on a best case scenario instead of on God, with whom there are no best case scenarios – only sovereignty.

In which the Kingdom of God is (sort of) like light in the trees by Sarah Bessey – “The now-and-not-yet of the Kingdom of God is one of those beliefs or ideas that I understand in my marrow, not my mind. I understand the Kingdom of God if I come at it from the corner of my eye instead of straight on. Like love, it defies definition and tidy resolutions and scoresheets.”

when you drop the ball, then pick it up again at a wide mercy – “But I’m honest now – honest with myself, honest with the people around me, honest with you.  When I am honest, I can recognize the old lie for what it is, and I can genuinely apologize.”

10 Ways to Show Love to the Mom at Home with Little Ones by Megan Tietz – “For me, one of the hardest parts of being at home with little ones all day, every day, is the sense of being forgotten. We push our passions and dreams to the side to devote ourselves to the care of our kids, and sometimes we fear that if we’ve forgotten who we used to be – who we are – then surely others have forgotten, too.”

…but do you know Jesus? – “Jesus makes all the difference in the world.”

Shape Magazine Refused To Let This Woman Wear A Bikini On Its Site at BuzzFeed – “I want people to know they shouldn’t feel ashamed of how they look. They should love their body no matter what. I wear a bikini because it makes me feel good. Just because you don’t have what the media portrays as the ideal body, you’re still beautiful.”

Life is weird and it doesn’t make sense. by Jamie the Very Worst Missionary – “I’m trying so hard to reconcile the gross with the good, that sometimes I forget to look, instead, for the still, unmoving places, smooth spots in the landscape of life where God can be seen clearly.”

7 Myths About Homeless People Debunked at Huffington Post – “Here are 7 things you think about homeless people that are not actually true.”

White privilege doesn’t mean what you think it means at Rage Against the Minivan – “The phrase ‘check your privilege’ is typically invoked when someone is being woefully ignorant or insensitively dismissive of the oppression of minority groups…It’s a gentler way of saying, “You are kind of being a self-absorbed asshole and you should maybe learn more about the minority experience before you continue talking.”

My most read post:

Here’s the thing about Short Term Missions Mondays – For the foreseeable future, Mondays on tattooedmissionary will be dedicated to short term missions. My experiences, your experiences, pros and cons, across the street and across the sea, what we’re doing well and what we could be doing better, helpful practical tips and resources, and maybe even a couple of guest posts if we’re lucky.”

Song of the week:

For me this song never gets old.

Words to live by:

“Worry, (pre-occupation literally translated from Spanish) is just that. Worrying before the problem. Occupying yourself with something that might happen but hasn’t yet. You, my friend are a child of God. You don’t have the right to worry. You don’t get to carry your burden. That’s pride and ego. You must trust, rest, obey, abide… that’s what you are called to do. Worry is not part of your job description and you don’t have time for it. It’s sin so repent and step back into the arms of your God. Rest Mija (daughter), God’s got this!” – New Hope Girls

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