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This week Melissa and I signed a contract for our new apartment! We move in next weekend. This week I also watched some Tigers baseball, started packing and purging (seriously, how did I get so much stuff?), and added a second fan to my nighttime routine. It’s been a good but sweaty week.

Mom’s give the best advice. Never compare.

Articles worth checking out:

Wednesday Wrestling: My Faith is a Fish by Mary Evelyn Smith at Karissa Knox Sorrell – “My faith was slippery. It twisted and flopped, writhing and spinning, escaping my grasp to slip soundlessly into the deep. My faith was the one that got away. And I would hold my hands wide apart and tell you it was ‘this big.'”

Being Nice Online in Three Easy Steps on What Do You Do, Dear? – “Public complaints feel so private when we share them with our FB friends — but they just plain aren’t private.”

Just “Mary” by Mary Hooke – He speaks the name directly into my soul, because he speaks as a man who recognizes me– a man who knows me.  And I know with certainty that there was only ever One who knew– and could convey in a single word– everything about me.”

Some Words Are Up To No Good, Even If They Seem Harmless. Think It’s Time To Get Rid Of These? at Upworthy 

Easter Sunday Is Over, Now What? at The American Jesus – “The only way we can claim that the resurrection really happened is if it is still really happening in and through us.”

What Happened to Avril Lavigne?? by Seth Adam Smith – Why do we watch what’s ‘offensive’ then write offensive things about it?”

My most read post: 

Here’s the thing about Target on Tumblr – I felt like I had to stand up for Jesus. Not because Jesus needs my help – Trying to prove God is like trying to defend a lion – but because He has asked for it.”

Song of the week:

Words to live by:

“In our culture, we have these twin myths: One is that genius falls fully formed from the sky, and people who are truly brilliant don’t have to work. The other is that anyone can do anything. Neither is remotely true.” – Maggie Shipstead


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