Great things

One of my new favorite things is finding someone else’s art (on Pinterest) and putting someone else’s words on it (using I’m getting pretty good at it. (Not really.)

You can always click on the picture to see the original source of the art. I like to give credit where credit is due.

4 thoughts on “Great things

  1. Thanks for the mention here! I loved that Deeper Story piece as well. I, too, haven gone back to my Sunday school definition of Jesus is week – and have attempted to puzzle out the atonement. I don’t know that I’ve come to any solid conclusions, but I know that the old pat answers don’t feel right anymore.

    1. Anytime! Thanks for writing words worthy of being shared. πŸ™‚ A struggle for me is over-analyzing Jesus and wanting to figure Him out, but part of figuring Him out is realizing the unbelieveableness of Him. Sometimes I have to keep it simple – Jesus is God, He loves me, He died and conquered death for me – to focus on what’s important. Thanks for stopping by!!

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