Here’s the thing about my latest project

I started a new book this past weekend. I woke up at 6:45am, which wasn’t super fun for a Saturday, from a dream about a teenage girl who was to become the main character of my new book. She lives in a city where the government has (almost) complete control of the citizens’ access to information. There are no televisions, computers, or libraries. But nobody knows what they’re missing because in living memory there never have been televisions, computers, or libraries (or smart phones or tablets or iWhatevers). Our main girl gets swept along in a plan to expose the government and give the citizens what they deserve – knowledge.

On Saturday I wrote 10,000 words and since then I’ve written 3,000 more (a disappointing decline in daily word count, but I’m still plugging along!). This week is our Spring Break (whoo!) and a few friends and I are staying at a Villa (there’s a pool! and air-conditioned bedrooms!) for a couple of days. One of my friends, who is gracious and lovely and great at humoring me, asked if I could read some of the 13,000 words I have so far out loud to her, a bit at a time. So far she’s heard three chapters and is actually willing to hear the rest, so that’s good news. Reading what I’ve written out loud is also super helpful to check for flow, contradictions, and simple typos. Hopefully she’s up to hearing about twenty more chapters.

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