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This week was super chill. I enjoyed my first full week of only three hours of tutoring (that’s three hours a WEEK people – down from three hours a day) and wrote a chapter a day of Grayson! Now, it’s Spring Break, baby. To the movie theater I go… then to the beach. 

YES! It is! Por fin!

Articles/blog posts:

My most read post this week: The Palms Needs Teachers! Just in case you missed it. 😉

Words to live by: 

“THIS is the day You-Know-Who has made, let us rejoice and be glad and goofy in it. Get in a walk, and practice radical silliness. If you want to have loving feelings today, do loving things: Flirt with everyone, especially old people and yourself. Pick up some litter in your neighborhood, even though there will be more by Sunday. Get your work done, one inadequate sentence and paragraph at a time. Then go through your draft and take out all the lies and boring parts. Left foot, right foot, left foot, breathe…..Those are the things I am going to do today.” – Anne Lamott

Collage of the week:



That’s it, gang! I stayed off of YouTube this week and only used Netflix for copious amounts of 30 Rock for background noise while I cranked out those chapters every day.

What caught your eye on the internet this week?

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