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Nothing too extraordinary happened this week. I did a puzzle, lost miserably at Dominican Monopoly, parted with TWO pairs of flats due to the presence of kitten pee, read a book or two, and watched some movies. Tonight Melissa and I are heading to a free Christian conference at the baseball stadium led by speaker Mike Silva.

That darn sky took twice as long as everything else.

Articles/blog posts:

  • In which I admit that I didn’t like Paul by Sarah Bessey – I ❤ Paul.
  • Honesty in a Culture of Church Taboos at Relevant Magazine – “Churches preach the benefits of living in community, yet we somehow forget that living in true community is guaranteed to be messy and complicated. While we talk of authenticity, Church often remains a place where you can’t be honest.”
  • My Mom Sold My Virginity at marie claire – We can’t shut our eyes to the real true lives of millions of girls and women all over the world. We can listen and learn and then we can act and help.
  • 5 Things I Know About the Path at Momastery – “Forget unicorns and balance. If you were perfectly balanced- you’d never have to take any ones hand to steady yourself, and that would be a tragedy.”
  • Every Child is Gifted & Talented. Every Single One. at Momastery – This was one of my favorite essays from Glennon’s book. “Education is like Christmas. We’re all just opening our gifts, one at a time. And it is a fact that each and every child has a bright shiny present with her name on it, waiting there underneath the tree. God wrapped it up, and He’ll let us know when it’s time to unwrap it. In the meantime, we must believe that our children are okay. Every last one of them.”
  • You are allowed your process. by Jamie the Very Worst Missionary – “…one person should not be allowed to stunt another person’s growth. Our job is not to drag and pull others into our space, but to love and nurture them exactly where they’re at – no matter where they’re at – and to accept that God may have them on a different path on a different plane on what seems like a different planet.”
  • The Duggars’ 7 rules of courtship: ‘Love is in the air’ (but no kissing) at Today Moms – Sounds good to me!
  • These Are Photos Of Childrens Bedrooms. But They Represent Something Much, Much More. at Pulptastic – These are powerful pictures of children’s bedrooms from all over the world.
  • A Better Way to Say Sorry at cuppacocoa – The best thing we can teach our children is to think. To think through actions and their consequences, and to think about how their actions affect others and themselves.
  • 68 Things To Know About Children With Autism at Huff Post Parents – “There’s room for all different kinds of minds. Love always, not fear.”
  • His Marvelous Light: The Jewels of the Safe House by Sarah Guthrie – In the DR, God is reaching down and faithfully plucking His Beloved out of the darkness of prostitution and into His marvelous light. And He’s doing it through The Workshop ministry.” Amen.
  • He Washed Me White as Snow: Part II by Jena Bea Haney at The World Race – There is power in the Word.
  • Where I Stand by Jen Hatmaker – “As a faith community, it is time we relearn what “speaking the truth in love” means. Something that actually feels like love is a start. If the beginning and end of love is simply pointing out sin, then we are doomed.”


  • Mud on Netflix – Hot dang. This story was about a grifter/hottie named Mud who is discovered in a boat in a tree by two young boys, Ellis and Neckbone. Neckbone, for crying out loud – you know it’s a good story when two of the main characters are Mud and Neckbone. Ellis and Neckbone agree to help Mud out of the jam he’s found himself in. Along the way Ellis learns a bit about love, life, and what’s right. Tye Sheridan ROCKED Ellis. He has a bunch of movies coming out soon and I’m not surprised. Matthew McConaughey was flawless as Mud. Flawless.
  • We’re the Millers on Megashare – I always appreciate Jason Sudeikis. I also always appreciate Emma Roberts (Nancy Drew, anyone?). Jennifer Aniston actually changed up her typical character this time and played a stripper. I liked the Millers. It was funny.
  • Revolution on Netflix – I’m making my way through Season 1 and yesterday I stumbled upon Season 2 (including new episodes) on Megashare. Woohoo! They just keep throwing in twists and turns and I like that they’re not afraid to kill off important characters. But I’m a little scared they’re going to kill my boo Jason, who is actually the only character I like as a person.

(YouTube) Videos:

General good finds:

  • Encyclopedia of Spells on the Harry Potter Lexicon
  • “The man who cannot listen to an argument which opposes his views either has a weak position or is a weak defender of it. No opinion that cannot stand discussion or criticism is worth holding.” – James Talmadge
  • “If we are going to ask for our daily bread- we’ve got to take the time to receive it and eat it. God provides –but we’ve got to slow down long enough to TASTE AND SEE.” – Glennon Doyle Melton
  • Lighthouse in Action :: “We have a special concern for society’s hurting people. We reach out through our actions, not just with our words or through Bible stories. Our heart is to show the heart of Christ, The Almighty, to the rejected and unwanted.”
  • “You can do more than you think. The biggest thing holding you back? You don’t think you can. Stifle that voice in your head telling you ‘Don’t even try, you’ll just fail.’ Turn up the volume on that voice saying what you are GOING TO DO. Stop whining. Stop making excuses. Postponing. Blame-shifting. Buck up. Get moving. You can do more than you think. Victories are won or lost first in the mind.” – Jeff Cook (Preparing for 4th Full Ironman)
  • “The point of it all is not to wait for those like-minded people to come along who understand you because they are you; it’s not to gather them up and revel in one particular ‘right’ way of being. The goal for me will always be to reach out to those who I may have nothing in common with, people who are nothing like me, and prove that at our cores we feel, we live, we love the same.” – Charlotte Cuevas








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