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This week I took my first trip to the Dominican dentist, taught a workshop (in Spanish!) about decorating a classroom, got some awesome summertime news and read five and a half books. Only two weeks till Spring Break!

Guess where I get to go for one week to kick start my summer! 🙂

Articles/blog posts:

  • Eden: a sex slave’s story at Investik8 – “I have people who say ‘I’m sorry this happened to you’ and I say don’t tell me you’re sorry, tell me that you’re angry and you want to do something.”
  • The Woman at the Well and the Not-So-Impressive Gospel of Jesus at A Holy Impatience –  I’ve always been more inspired by people with a true enthusiasm for part of the gospel than those who speak a full gospel as if it were meaningless.” Right?
  • Children of my own. at The R House – Shortly after watching my first human birth (movie day in middle school health class) I declared that I was never doing that and that any children of mine would become mine via adoption. Then I grew up a bit and learned that adoption, especially international adoption, which is like, the cool Christian thing to do, is costly and time consuming. So I thought, might as well just birth ’em! But for the past year or so adoption has really been on my heart and mind and I’m excited to learn more about it. (This article is about adoption, FYI.)
  • 63 Family Values “Arrested Development” Taught You at BuzzFeed – “2. Always leave a note.”
  • South Sudan’s frontline nuns at Aljazeera – Just a little story about a bunch of rad ladies serving God and serving people in a hard place.
  • (Un)Follow, (Un)Support, (Un)Sponsor : What does our response to World Vision say about our Faith? at Jamie the Very Worst Missionary – “Friends, we may not agree on the big fat gay debate at all – we may have super different feelings about whether or not World Vision made a good choice or a bad choice, a right or wrong choice – but at what point does this (or really any) disagreement absolve us of our God-given responsibility to care for the least of these?”
  • The ‘Gospel’ That Almost Killed Me at The Gospel Coalition – “Brothers and sisters, call [the prosperity gospel] what it is. Pastors, call it what it is. Don’t let even a hint of this junk live in your church. Preach against it, and preach a gospel that shines so bright and burns so hot that any counterfeit that tries to approach it burns up upon entry.”


  • Harriet the Spy on Potlucker – After I read the book I wanted to watch it all play out live before my eyes!! This was one of my favorite movies growing up. It wasn’t until I read the book, however, that I realized Harriet is not just a spy, but a writer! Like me! When Golly left I cried like a baby. Then I kept crying when Harrison got all his cats taken away. It was an emotional time.
  • Revolution Season 1 on Netflix – I started this one this week (everyone keeps suggested House of Cards but for some reason I just don’t wanna!) and I’m hooked! They really keep the story going well. The premise of the show is that the world has lost all of its power (electricity power) and the United States no longer exists, but has broken down into a few Republics. The trick is, there are 12 pendants that are able to turn the power back on. If these fall into the wrongs hands… well… it could mean bad news for all. Charlie, the main character, has some real serious (that’s sarcasm) facial expressions and I find myself wondering where certain women (ehem, Nora) are finding all of their make-up but other than that it’s pure entertainment! Also, when I read Divergent this week, I imagined Jason from Revolution as Four.
  • Frozen on Megashare – I had only previously seen this gem in Spanish. It’s much funnier in English. It became even funnier when we realized that the voice of Olaf is Bearclaw from that episode of New Girl where Jess pretends to be Katie.

(YouTube) Videos:

General good finds:

  • Crunchy peanut butter mixed with strawberry yogurt on fruit. So good.
  • “I am a devoted follower (on twitter), a daily reader (of blogs), and a regular attender (of Bejewelled Blitz). I worship (my phone) and adore (selfies), and I am a seeker of the Way (google maps), the Truth (Siri), and the Life (Facebook). What can I say?! When I stand before God and account for my time on Earth, I’ll be all, ‘#‎NAILED IT!’ …and God’ll be like *smh*.” – Jamie the Very Worst Missionary
  • “Satan tells me I am unworthy; but I always was unworthy, and yet You have long loved me; and therefore my unworthiness cannot be a barrier to having fellowship with You now.” – Charles Haddon Spurgeon, Morning and Evening; Feb 3
  • “I wish I could say that everything I do is for God’s glory but I can’t. And neither can you. What I can say is Jesus’ blood covers all my efforts to glorify myself.” – Tullian Tchividjian
  • “You are not fat. You HAVE fat. You also have fingernails. But you are not fingernails.” – Unknown
  • “People are people. We love. We hate. We bleed. We itch. We succumb to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, and traffic makes us pissy. But culture and race and sexuality and even language are all lenses that shape our experiences of the world and who we are in it.” – Lauren Beukes
  • “If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write.” – Martin Luther








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