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This week started well with hands-on-knee, tears-in-eyes, bilingual prayer time and Google hang-outs, and ended well with the best preschool field trip I’ve ever been on. Gloria a Dios for a restful weekend ahead and only three weeks till spring break!

This week I got to hang out (Google style) with my Indy JAMS team! It was great. Obviously.

Articles/blog posts:


  • House Season 1 on Netflix – During my senior year of college I watched Seasons 1-6 (or something) and watching an episode of House pretty much every night did something weird to me. House is crazy. But an episode (or five) every now and again is nice. Breaks up the silliness of Will & Grace, 30 Rock, and Scrubs.

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Please always buy me books and never buy me alcohol.


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