Grayson of the Commonwealth

I wrote some new Grayson stuff today and I went old school. I’m loving the smell of pen on paper lately (more than usual). When I originally wrote the story for NaNoWriMo, I had Grayson find out her Job/Career/Assignment (I haven’t settled on a name) at a ceremony with everyone else her age. The more I thought about it, the more The Giver and Hunger Games it seemed and it didn’t seem too Commonwealth. So we’re personalizing things a bit. I also added robots.


The day drags on. Educator Frank never has been brief. Lila got her Job earlier this year – she was one of the first in our class – and she’s going to be an Educator. I hope she’s not taking notes from Frank. We’ve been talking about the human body for a solid three hours. “Where are we, Medical Training?” I lean over and whisper to Finn.

“Hey,” he whispers back, “better wait until you get your Job to start complaining. You might find this all very useful very soon.”

“Pfft,” I snort, earning me one of Educator Frank’s trademark stop-talking-now glares. Of course he would never actually interrupt his own long-winded teaching to tell me off. He just shoots any disruptive student one of those looks, which are never as intimidating as he thinks they are. I should know. I’ve received plenty over the past six years – enough to last a lifetime.

When Frank’s back is turned, I lean over one more time. “Whatever Job I get will be a welcome change. I cannot wait until Training starts next year. I think Educator Frank and I could use a little time apart.” Finn nods knowingly. He’s been on the receiving end of Frank’s glares a time or two himself.

Finally the dismissal alarm sounds and I shoot out of the classroom like a Helper on a mission dragging Finn by the hand behind me. We turn left toward the living quarters (and away from The Commissary). “No dinner first?” he pants.

“No, Finn!” I snap as he catches up with me and we fall into a quick side-by-side stride. “No dinner first! Job assignment first!”

“Whatever you say, birthday girl,” Finn says quietly, as if I only get my way once a year.

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