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I skipped last week because my friends were here and we were too busy riding in 100 buses and taxis last Friday for me to post. In the past two weeks I mounted a horse without embarassing myself, welcomed two kittens into the world, and found a new apartment Melissa and I will be moving into at the end of May. I also said hello and goodbye to Carolyn and Joslyn and ate a bunch of jellybeans.


Articles/blog posts:

  • in defense of the sharp lefts. at Elora Nicole – “But I see you in this hallway, and God pointing toward the end saying there. Go there. And you walking toward the light, imagining your destination is so close. When you get to the end though, He says now turn left. And you’re left disoriented because wasn’t this the end? Wasn’t this where He wanted you to go? And it was. You weren’t wrong in anything you heard these past few months. He just has more for you to walk.”
  • Your husband doesn’t have to earn your respect at The Matt Walsh Blog – Ten years ago I thought for sure by the time I was 24 and a half years old that I would have a husband. Now that I am 24 and a half years old I don’t feel nearly old enough to have a husband. I believe I will one day, but for now I’m glad to take the time to learn about what being married really means and how I can do it well (or you know, better than I would’ve) when the time does come. “Your husband might ‘deserve’ it when you mock him, berate him, belittle him, and nag him, but you don’t marry someone in order to give them what they deserve. In marriage, you give them what you’ve promised them, even when they aren’t holding up their end of the bargain.”
  • Sermon on that special class of salty, light-bearing people to whom Jesus preaches at patheos by Nadia Bolz Weber – “Trust that Jesus knows what he is doing. And that you already are salt and light and love and grace. Don’t try and be it. Know that you already are. And then, for the love of God, take that seriously. The world needs it.”
  • The Ploughshares Round-Down: Waiting on a Job? Grad School? Publisher? Wait better. at Ploughshares Literary Magazines – This was way more powerful than I expected.
  • Here’s Every State’s Favorite Band at Business Insider – Young Jeezy, holler!
  • New map shows every state’s least favorite band at death and taxes – In conjunction with the preceding article.
  • In Dominican Republic seaside village, a virtual supermarket of sex at Miami Herald Americas – My friend Mary, who works with WAR, shared this article and this commentary: “For WAR partners, the preferred method of rescue… is through outreach; that is, through RELATIONSHIP. This includes relationships with trafficked women, sex workers, with pimps, ‘hustlers’, madams, with police and officials, and with brothel, bar, hotel and club owners… ‘Although awareness like this article is a good thing, it has also made it harder for us to build trusting relationships with the women. They think we are ‘investigating’ and are skeptical.’ Yet another reminder to be cautious when engaging in awareness simply for awareness’ sake. Can never forget that there are actual lives at stake.”
  • Love Your Enemies (Actually) at A Holy Impatience – “So ‘love your enemies’ because they were one of God’s kids long before they were your enemy.”
  • listening to our stories. at Elora Nicole – I need her. Oftentimes I would not write without the encouragement of her words.
  • This “Normal Barbie” Has The Proportions Of An Average American 19-Year-Old at BuzzFeed – Coolio.
  • This Is What American-Themed Parties Look Like Around The World at BuzzFeed – So it turns out that people all over the world have American themed parties and they are awesome.


  • The Golden Compass on Netflix – The book was better.
  • Trailer Park Boys on Netflix – This mockumentary chronicles the lives of people living in a trailer park in Canada. There’s a grown man named Bubbles so… it’s a win.
  • American Hustle on Megashare – These actors are golden. My friend Carolyn recently said the following about Leonardo DiCaprio, and while I certainly agree with regards to Leo D, I believe these sentiments also apply to Christian Bale: “I continue to trust him with two hours of my life again and again and he’s never let me down.” Also, who knew Bradley Cooper had all that fire and talent in him? Not I!
  • Criminal Minds Season 9 on Megashare – I’m catching up! And although CSI is increasingly disappointing with each season, Criminal Minds continues to bring it. Also, in this season Spencer Reid delivers a baby, as if he weren’t nerd-hot enough.
  • Scrubs Season 6 on Netflix – It’s just fun.

(YouTube) Videos:

General good finds:

  • “All of us have a duplicitous spirit of prostitution. We wed ourselves to comfort, status quo and mercilessness. We forget God, we forget our neighbors, we wed ourselves to powerful institutions — playing politics — and not the omnipotent God. And God separates himself from us. But his covenant love and faithfulness meets us in the desert of exile to woo us home to the land of his abundant mercy. If only we would acknowledge him.” – Jason Zastrow
  • Better Life Bags – Women living in a low-income area of Detroit are hired to make these gorgeous bags!





First of all, Jamie The Very Worst Missionary tagged me in a Facebook comment. Second of all, an awesome woman who doesn’t know me at all gave me money so I could learn how to do this missions thing better. The internet rocks.
Our newest additions – Nick Miller (top) and Cece Schmidt (bottom). Two fat little girls.

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