Today a kid’s tooth went into my thumb…

Today a kid’s tooth went into my thumb but also these two really cool things happened.

First, I caught up with one of my co-workers, Dadys. Dadys teaches Maternal, which is a class of 19 three and four year olds. I have never heard her raise her voice and her class is probably the best behaved class I have. Last month Dadys took over the Directora position for Sala de Tarea (our after school program). I was asking her how it was going and whether or not it was a lot of work. She told me how she’s in a trial period right now and it’s a lot of work and it’s tricky working with the older kids but it’s going pretty well. Then she told me how it’s not as hard as her last afternoon/evening job, which was working with up to SEVENTY kids between the ages of 3 and 18 SOLA (which means “by herself”)!

Dadys’s old job was working with Compassion International. Every day Compassion provides a program for up to seventy at-risk kids to come and take different classes. Dadys taught a bible class and a crafts class. She told me about the stuff she used to do in crafts and it was super legit. Like sewing and ceramics. The kids can also take cooking classes, computer classes, and all kinds of other things. Through this program MANY kids and teenagers have come to know the Lord and have started attending their local church. The program provides a safe place for kids to be, great adults for the kids to hang out with, and marketable skills. It’s great!

Sometimes when we see organizations that claim to do good around the world we wonder what is really happening with our $30 a month. I can tell you, through first hand accounts, that Compassion International is doing a lot of good. So if you’re considering supporting a child or donating money through an organization, please consider Compassion International. It could be because of you that a really cool kid can meet a really cool lady like Dadys who can teach them how to sew and be like Jesus.


The second great thing that happened was the product of a mini-meltdown. Of mine. I melted down today. Mini-ly. One of my classes has been kind of rough in terms of discipline and today they moved to me to tears. In a bad way. After class their teacher, Madelin, said that she wanted to talk to me about their behavior and what we can do to make things better. At the end of the school day Madelin and I had our little meeting about Pre-Primario A. And this is what happened.

  • First, we acknowledged how far the students have come. For some of the students, looking back at their behavior when they were in Kinder last year and looking at their behavior now is a Dr. Jeykell and Mr. Hyde kind of thing.
  • Then, Madelin apologized for not being more helpful.
  • Next, I apologized for not being more patient.
  • We identified the problem.
  • Then, Madelin encouraged me and I encouraged her. We really are doing a pretty good job!
  • Madelin asked how she could help me.
  • I asked Madelin what she thought I could be doing better.
  • Madelin told me what she was planning to do moving forward and I told her what I was planning to do moving forward.
  • Lastly, Madelin prayed for us.

Doesn’t that sound like an awesome meeting?! It seriously, seriously was. We identified the problem, encouraged each other, and made a solution. We also thanked God for the growth we’ve seen, acknowledged the spiritual needs of our students, and asked for help as we strive to improve as teachers and Jesus-followers.

We are the poster children for great teacher-to-teacher meetings.

What cool things happened to you today?

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