A Day in the Life (with pictures!)

This morning I got up at 6:44am (only after hitting the snooze four times, thank you very much) and read Luke 4.

I didn’t take a picture of myself at 6:44am (you’re welcome) but this is where I was and my Kindle is what I was reading. I like reading my Bible on my Kindle because I can take notes right in the middle of the text!

I got to school pretty early because I had some lacing letters to finish. But when I got over there I realized my contact paper was not where I thought it was (at school) so I had to come back home (which is conveniently across the street) and get it. I missed assembly to finish those lacing letters (pictures to come, in case you aren’t a preschool teacher and don’t know what I’m talking about when I say lacing letters – or in case you are a preschool teacher and I made up the term “lacing letters”) but got done in time for my first class, of which I don’t have any pictures, because I didn’t come up with this day-in-the-life idea until like, 10am.

My colorful little office

In addition to the lacing letters I also made sensory bags! Every Thursday English class is Centers – three or four different independent activities the students rotate around the room to complete/partake in. It’s fun and mixes things up. It also allows me to interact with the kids in groups of four or five as they rotate around which is super helpful when it’s time to evaluate them.

Five of the six sensory bags I made. The sixth one hardcore exploded while I was in Kinder B gracias a some serious twisting action.

After my first class I had some repair work to do on the sensory bags. (Fortunately, my students have never been on Pinterest and they didn’t know that sensory bags aren’t usually mostly covered in packing tape.)

Pre-Primario A loved the new Centers!
Pre-Primario A loved the new Centers!

During my 9:45-10:00am break I came home for breakfast. (I have fifteen minute breaks between each of my six English classes.) I usually do that. I’m just not hungry right when I wake up. This morning I had some peanut butter and cinnamon toast. When I walked back across the street to the school (toast and mug of milk in hand), the watchyman, Herman, wasn’t at the locked gate so I had to stand outside the school eating my toast until he came back. Don’t worry, I wasn’t late for my 10:00 class!

My YouthWorks mug (represent!) and toast plate.
Maternal was the only class that didn’t break our new sensory bags! They are also my largest class with eighteen students. Eighteen three-year-olds would be totally overwhelming if they weren’t these awesome eighteen three-year-olds.

My 10:45 class needed some practice in cleaning up without going crazy (last week they were rolling all over the floor when they were supposed to be cleaning up Centers) before we could start in on the fun stuff. This is how we sing the Clean Up song at Las Palmas:

Clean up, clean up!

Everybody everywhere!

Clean up, clean up!

It’s time to recoger.

The Spanish word for “pick up” conveniently rhymes with “everywhere.”

Kinder B wasn’t the first class to catch on to how good the sensory bags smell. The bags are filled with hair gel, food coloring, beads, and glitter.
Pre-Primario B was so excited about the lacing letters. More than one student exclaimed in excitement, “We’re going to learn how to sew!”

When I finished teaching Nivel Inicial (Preschool/Kindergarten) at noon, I put everything away and headed to the office to pick up my pay.

This is Franklin. He is in charge of the money at Las Palmas. He is currently learning English as his FOURTH language. He doesn’t know I took this picture.

Then I walked home. Some of my tutoring students are reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl in their English class so the story has been on my mind. I decided to put the movie on while I did my lesson planning and worksheet-making for next week.

A little background noise and some A&W Root Beer make lesson planning (even more) fun!

In the middle of the movie I walked back over to the school to get lunch. Nivel Inicial finishes at 12:30, but first-eighth doesn’t finish until 1:30pm. Lunch is usually ready around that time, but on Thursday’s Fefa includes me in the first batch of 12:30 lunches, so when I walked over at 1 my lunch was all boxed up and ready to go.

The school next to our school dismisses around the same time that we do. Our street gets pretty packed!
Thursday is pasta day!! I get ten free lunches a month from the school and they are always amazing.
Daniela joined me for lunch.

 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ended in perfect time for me to head back to the school (for the fifth time if anyone is keeping track) for tutoring! I tutor four different middle school students each week. On Wednesdays and Thursdays I have all four of them. I’d tutored middle school students in the States and worked with them in a church setting and I really enjoy middle schoolers one-on-one or in small groups. They’re a hoot. I am grateful that I get to pick up a little extra cash hanging out with these four students and helping them be awesome at English.

Elian loves math! Woohoo!
Carlos is one of those people who focuses better when he has something in his hands. It used to distract me, but I must’ve gotten used to it because the bell he was ringing today didn’t even phase me, yet Mrs Lynn came from down the hall to take it from him because it was driving her nuts. When Mrs Lynn took his bell, I handed him these rulers and he “wolverined.” Naturally.
The big kids (as I affectionately call my tutoring students) have three quizzes tomorrow! Raquel and Paola were studying hard.

After three hours of tutoring I was finally done teaching for the day! So I dilly-dallied around for a bit while the water was heating up for a shower. After a quick shower I ate some yogurt and three cookies (which is a totally acceptable dinner, right?) and then walked to McDonalds.

During NaNoWriMo McDonalds became my go-to writing place. Now it is my go-to editing place.

I paid a dollar for a medium Coke (yay fountain soda!) and finally finished reading my NaNoWriMo novel.

I thought that the hard part would be writing the 50,000 words in one month. Turns out that was the easy part! The hard part is taking those 50,000 and turning them into a story people actually want to read.

I walked back home, said hey to my roommates, and spent some time putting together this lovely post for you all (while listening to Taylor Swift’s Red CD, of course). Now I am going to read a bit of The Lost Hero before going to sleep. It was a nice, full day (like most week days) and I am looking forward to a nice, relaxing weekend!

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