The Perks of Being a Wallflower (the movie)


I remember reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky in high school and having really high expectations. Everyone loved it. People who didn’t usually read had read this book and loved it, so surely a reader such as myself would also love it. The problem with recommendations like these, is that people who don’t read many books don’t always know what good books are so when they stumble upon one that they actually finish, they think it must be awesome. I’m not sure if that was the case with The Perks, but whatever the case was, I was seriously underwhelmed by the book. I thought, “Eh,” and probably shrugged.

Which is why I wasn’t excited about the movie even though everyone I follow on Tumblr was obsessed. Plus, Hermione was always my least favorite Harry Potter character, especially in the movies. So, unfortunately, I’m not a huge Emma Watson fan.

But today is a Dominican holiday! Which means we don’t have school! So I decided to watch a movie and as it always happens, I couldn’t think of a whole movie in the whole internet or DVDs-owned-by-the-women-of-2A that I wanted to watch. I am certain that more than once over the past couple of months I have seen a movie on Netflix or Megashare or around the internet world and thought, “I’ve got to watch that one day!” but since Netflix did away with the queue and I am not attached to my phone (which could be useful for digital note taking) I couldn’t think of one movie I wanted to watch.

After searching Netflix for a while – there are almost too many options – and watching five minutes of crappy acting in some movie called Camp, I decided to check Megashare, since they have newer movies that I’ve actually heard of. (I can’t say whether or not what Megashare does is strictly legal, but I can say that I liberally use their services.)

Having read the book, albeit many moons ago, I knew The Perks of Being a Wallflower was just the kind of story I was in the mood for. So I watched it. And guess what? I loved it!

Would I really write a whole post about it if I didn’t?

Oh geeze, you guys, it was beautiful. And sad. And deep. And hard. And pretty and fun. And I really want to read the book again to see what I missed in there because Stephen Chbosky was heavily involved in the movie (like he directed and wrote it) so the goodness comes from him I know it.

Logan Lerman plays the main character, Charlie, and it is brilliant. Brilliant! He is perfect! Oh it’s wonderful watching Logan Lerman be Charlie.

Emma Watson plays Sam with an American accent! Sometimes her British accent would come through on some words (like “campus”) but I’m awful at accents so who am I to talk? Also, the relationship that Charlie and Sam had for most of the movie – the friends but more than friends but nobody’s saying it but she’s dating someone else and we actually really love each other but what does that mean – I feel it. I feel it deep. Of course my relationships never turned out quite as well as Charlie and Sam’s did, but my life is not a movie. Or a book. Yet.

Ezra Miller plays Patrick, Sam’s step-brother. What a gorgeous person Ezra Miller is! Just a gorgeous, pretty face. And Patrick, what a soul. What a heart. What a hurt. Charlie is such a friend to him and it’s wonderful to watch.

Although there was definite drug and alcohol use and some kissing and a bra (with a girl in it) and some Rocky Horror Picture Show action, it wasn’t nearly as nasty as it could’ve been, and for that I am grateful. Not a lot of unfortunate language or unnecessary sex. Just so you know.

I’m willing to bet that most of you are familiar with the story, so I’m not going to recap it. Plus Stephen Chbosky is pretty good at telling a story so your time would be better spent reading the book or watching the movie yourself. I will just say that I love love loved the movie and would recommend it to one and all! It’s just a good story, a good and sad and hopeful story that I think a lot of us could find ourselves in.

Also, I bought the book just now for my Kindle (even though it was one penny shy of seven whole dollars and I normally don’t spent that much on books) so I’ll let you know how it compares. If you want.

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