Go big or go home

Real live books!

Remember when I used to write blog posts? Yeah, me too. But I’m on Christmas break now and I’m enjoying the brain rest.

I’m really good at challenging myself to do things – like read 100 books in 13 months or write a novel in one month or watch all of the movies starring Leonardo DiCaprio in order (I haven’t started that one yet) – and this Christmas break I am challenging myself to watch all seven seasons of 30 Rock. I’m doing really well. I’m already on Season 6, so I think I’m going to finish uh.. tomorrow. This Christmas break I was also really looking forward to reading real live books from the library, which I have been doing.

It hasn’t been ALL movies and books and entertainment though. In addition to not writing I also organized my closet-at-my-parents’-house, played a few games, and done a lot of Sudoku puzzles. I like organizing things, especially when I’m organizing things while watching 30 Rock. I love that my friends and family like to play games! I love doing Sudoku.. also while watching 30 Rock. And Christmas classics such as Jingle All the Way and White Christmas (yes, only one of those is actually a Christmas classic, but try telling that to my dad).

So anyway, I’m not a huge fan of the inactivity at tattooed missionary, but I AM a huge fan of taking full advantage of my time off. I like to embody the commonly shouted phrase, “Go big or go home!” and so when I do something, I like to go big, even when that something is doing nothing.

I am a little more than half-way through my Christmas break and I’m planning on continuing to go big. I’m going to go big (again!) at the movie theater and at so many friends’ houses. I am going to go big at Monopoly and Clue and other board games. I am going to go big on Netflix and at the Westland Library. And I’m going to do it all in my sweat pants.

Then I am going to go home. To my cats. And have three days of crazy productiveness – going big doing something – to get ready for the month of January, a month for which I have planned nothing school-wise.

In summary (and in an attempt to make this feel like a more worthwhile read), Christmastime is a great time for doing nothing and I’m going to continue doing nothing for another week and a half, which means you shouldn’t really expect a lot of activity over here until after the first of the year.

Also, my mom got me an Origami Owl necklace for Christmas and although I had seen a lot about these necklaces on Facebook, I never thought about whether or not I would like one. Guess what? I LOVE it. It has a palm tree charm, a heart that says ❤ my cat charm, an apple charm, and a cross charm and the chain is so long and I love it and I’ve been wearing it all day.

Merry Christmas!

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