Check this out!

This week’s edition of Check this out! is a couple days late because on Friday, when I usually post the week’s internet goodies, I was riding a horse to see a waterfall and eating bad pizza. This week I lost a friend, celebrated Thanksgiving with (part of) my ministry family, finished my NaNoWriMo novel, and traveled to Jarabacoa for some R&R. Happy December and RIP Paul Walker.


Articles/blog posts:


  • Hairspray on DVD – To continue celebrating my birthday, some friends came over last Saturday and one of them brought his projector and sound system! We watched Hairspray on the wall of our living room and it now the only way I ever want to watch movies.
  • New Girl Season 2 on Netflix – This show never fails to make me laugh and warm my heart.
  • Jack the Giant Slayer on Megashare – The giants were so well done I wanted to vomit. They were gross but in a good way. Isabelle’s voice was super yell-y, but she was fine as far as damsels in distress go. Stanley Tucci is ridiculously talented and didn’t disappoint as the egotistical royal. Nicholas Hault was a pretty Jack but I quite enjoyed Ewan McGregor as Elmont. I only have one question about the film – female giants? How do they get more giants without girl giants? Do I want to know?

(YouTube) Videos:

  • Jack After Wisdom Teeth Removal by Jack Barth on YouTube – These are always funny. This is a long one, but I just watched a little bit at a time when I needed a quick laugh throughout the day. “I’ll tell you what, Dad, I feel like a million bucks.”

General good finds:

  • “My 10 word Gospel for the week is, ‘The brokenness of many things; the restoration of all things.'” – Jared Ruark
  • “Q: Would you trust me to: 1) Do an appendectomy on you… because I was ‘excited’ about helping you in your time of need? 2) Treat your child for leukemia… as long as I had prayed about it? 3) Pilot that 737 taxiing down the runway taking your family home for Christmas…. because I felt that was a good way for me to ‘serve people in the name of Jesus?’ No? So ‘willingness’ to help is not enough? ‘Excited to serve’ doesn’t qualify me? How about if I prayed about it? Would that convince you? Listen, positive attitudes and desire alone don’t prepare you to minister effectively in the city either. Don’t take my word for it: “It is not good to have zeal without knowledge.” (Prov 19:2) Ah. To know and understand both people and their social context. That demands not only theological competence, but cultural competence. Like two wings on an airplane, both are necessary.” – Jeff Cook


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