i am grateful (for a whole day of gratefulness).


i am grateful for blankets and slippers and weather cold enough to necessitate such cozy things. i am grateful for THREE DAY WEEKS! and happy faces. i am grateful for to-do lists and i can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. i am grateful for supportive friends, who through a simple facebook message can ease feelings of loneliness.

i am grateful for a God who pursues. for relentless love. for the Holy Spirit and how He speaks to me. i am grateful for friends who love me enough to say i know you don’t want to do it, but you have to, because it’s what God has asked you to do. i am grateful for Christ who strengthens me and the things i can through Him. i am grateful for a silent presence and for time to mourn. i am grateful for a God who sees and for a God who understands. i am grateful for just being. for just being where You are and for that being enough.

i am grateful for a King who said this is going to be hard. i am grateful for a Father who loves me enough to tell it like it is.

the road is narrow He said.

you have to take up your cross every day He said.

you have to die to yourself He said.

the Son of Man has no home He said.

take only the clothes on your back He said.

when persecution comes He said.

surely i am with you always He said.

in the midst of a sugar-coated Church i am grateful for hard truths. for those who love enough to speak the Word. the Whole Word. the Real World. the True Word. in the midst of counting recitations of sinners’ prayers and patting ourselves on the back for high church attendance, i am grateful for a God who doesn’t look on the outside, like men do, but who looks on the inside. i am grateful for a Savior Messiah who spent the majority of His time with the people the others didn’t want.

i am grateful for whatever you did to the least of these, you did to Me. and people who get it. and people who live it. and for homes for orphans and widows for crying out loud.

i am grateful for grace. for undeserved good things. for first trips to the ocean and patient friends. for ready smiles. for the guy who sits on the corner waiting for people who need rides. for the guy who sits on the corner and tells me i look nice today. for the guy who sits on the corner and can’t understand why a woman who would to live by herself. for the guy who sits on the corner and tells us to care for each other, to look out for each other. for the guy who sits on the corner and asks about my cats. he didn’t really care about my cats. but he cared about me.

i am grateful for You make beautiful things and the trials that produce those beautiful things. i’m grateful for the times when i’ve been refined to dust, because i am in the hands of the Creator who Restores and Redeems. i am grateful for His promises, for His signs, for His wonderful love that doesn’t make any sense and makes all the sense in the world. i am grateful for the growth that comes in doing the hard things. in doing the new things. in doing the scary things.

i am grateful for a whole day dedicated to be grateful. for the food that we’ll eat. for the conversations we’ll have. for the prayers of thanksgiving and praise we will pray tomorrow and every day after that for the rest of forever. i am grateful for Thanksgiving and for the One who supplies it all.

what are you grateful for?

3 thoughts on “i am grateful (for a whole day of gratefulness).

  1. Your posts speak to me, and this one is especially awesome. It should be a song! Your thought provoking posts are one of the many, many things for which I am grateful today, Happy Thanksgiving, Suzanne! I will wear woolies today and think of you!!

  2. This is wonderful. “In the midst of sugar-coated church I am grateful for hard truths.” Praying you are not lonely! Suz, you make friends wherever you go because of your personality- and we know because of God we’re never truly alone. ❤

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