NaNoWriMo 2013 – I’m actually doing it!

ImageI’m doing it! I’m actually doing it! I’m writing a novel. Only 13,098 words to go until I’ve written 50,000 words. 50,000 words that go together to create a story – a story that actually makes sense and has characters and settings and plots and explosions and stuff.

I went into National Novel Writing Month totally confident, and yet I am still surprised every day when I look at my stats and realize I am right on track to finish on Thanksgiving (next Thursday!) and can still take a day off for my birthday (which is this Thursday).

(The reason I want to finish on Thanksgiving is because the Friday after Thanksgiving I am heading to the mountains with a couple of friends and have no desire to take my laptop with me.)

For the past week I have been going to McDonalds every day to write. McDonalds might not sound like the most creative or inspiring writing space, but it’s amazing how quickly I can write 2,000 words when I am sitting in an air-conditioning building sipping a large Coke that only cost me 45 pesos. (40 pesos = $1) For some reason I just do not get distracted there. Okay, I think I know the reason(s) I don’t get distracted there (and I think I’ve mentioned them before), but what is really amazing is how even on the days when I feel like I have nothing new to add to the story or nothing good to write, I strap on my backpack, walk to McDonalds anyway (sometimes thinking about the novel on the walk and sometimes not) and I order my Coke, sit down, open my laptop, and inevitably write 1,667 words (or more!).

I am becoming more and more appreciative of this NaNoWriMo experience as it goes on. In the beginning I only had hopes of finishing a writing project (this will be the first of many writing projects I have begun that I will actually finish – she says in faith), but this process really is molding me into a better writer. Believe it or not, I never thought that forcing myself to write every day would yield anything productive. Even though so many successful authors had assured me (via Pinterest and BuzzFeed and stuff) that that was the case. I now realize that if I only write when I “feel like it” I will end up with a lifetime’s worth of started projects that I never “felt like” finishing. Having a place to go that is outside of my home or work really helps, too. A writing space is definitely important and I hope one day that I find a just-as-inspiring-if-not-more-so writing place than McDonalds.

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