“You want to make a school?”

Remember how I said all of our directors (except the preschool director) are in Romania sharing tricks and tips on starting a Christian school? Well today one of my tutoring students and I were talking about why they were all in Romania. When I told him it was because some people over there wanted to start a school and they wanted some advice he said, “They want to make a school? It’s easy.” Then he told me the steps to making a school. After his first couple of suggestions, I made him start over and go slowly so I could write it all down. Here’s how you make a school, according to a seventh grade ESL student:

“It’s easy. You go for the permiso (permission) to I wanna make a school. You do the big big big big big house. You put a lot of classroom. You buy computer for the students. You put class of PE, class of experiments and technology and drama class. Do a pool in his school. Give class of natacion (swimming) like Mr. Moises do. Teach tennis like we do. Class of football – football with the feet. Do viajes (trips) to the zoologico (zoo) or something else and do teachers good, teachers funnys to make you laugh. Play baseball. Teach art like Ms. Allison, but not like the class she teach – more good. And put my name in the fundadores (founders). Have a certificate to the “give ideas of the school” beside the photo of the directora (director) and put the names of Allison and all the people that go to give ideas to the school.”

So there you have it. That’s how you make a school.

He looks like he knows what he's talking about, no?
He looks like he knows what he’s talking about, no?

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