Who’s that girl? It’s Elizabeth!

This summer while working for YouthWorks I watched the first season of New Girl on Netflix in a week. In a week! If you’ve never worked for YouthWorks that probably doesn’t seem impressive, but the YouthWorks schedule keep you working from 6:45am (breakfast prep!) to 10:45pm (lights out!). Somehow I managed it, though, because New Girl is a really good show.

When Netflix added season two I watched it in a weekend.

Last night I finally caught up with season three on Hulu and guess what? It’s still a good show.

I like New Girl because it’s really funny and witty and Schmidt cracks me the heck up. I also like it because Jess kind of reminds me of myself with her teacher-ness and her singing and her silly. But I’m not sleeping with one of my roommates – promise. Also I really connect with Winston now that he has a cat.

I thought of making a “10 Reasons Why You Should Watch New Girl” post, but then decided that would be too much work, gathering pictures and gifs to represent each point and blah blah. I’ll leave that kind of thing to BuzzFeed. So here’s a post about one big (no pun intended) reason why I love New Girl.


If you’ve never seen New Girl, (what’s wrong with you? Go watch it right now!) I’ll fill you in a bit. The show is about a girl, Jess, who moves in with three guys after she finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her. The guy pictured above is one of the guys Jess now lives with. His name is Schmidt and he’s kind of a d-bag. But a lovable d-bag. He used to be overweight and so now he really prides himself on his body and how he looks and his suits and his eyebrows and stuff like that. He also prided himself at one point on holding hands with Jess’s super model best friend (who is obviously gorgeous).

So Schmidt, this looks-obsessed shallow guy dated Elizabeth (also pictured above) who is not a super model and not looks-obsessed. And for once there was a girl on a TV show that looks like me!! I even have blonde hair and everything. And she wasn’t there as an overweight girl who has to overcome her size. She wasn’t there as an object lesson or a public service announcement. She was just there as a girl who was dating Schmidt (poor thing).

Then, in the season finale of season two (SPOILER ALERT!), both Elizabeth and the super model, Cece, confess their love for Schmidt and he has to choose. And he can’t choose so he dates them both (which is a really bad idea). And I love that the girl who looks like me, AKA the NOT skinny one, wasn’t treated any differently because of her weight. In real life I’m not usually treated differently because of my weight (except when I have to scale a tall brick wall – then I need extra help), but on TV I usually am treated differently because of my weight, like my body is something I should be ashamed of or an obstacle I have to overcome. And it’s not!

For example, the other big girls on TV that are coming to mind are that girl from Drop Dead Diva, who was fat as a punishment if I understand correctly, and Melissa McCarthy on Mike and Molly who can do whatever she wants because she is SO FUNNY AND SO PRETTY. Not a lot of plus size ladies just living their regular lives happy in their own skin.

In conclusion, one reason you should watch New Girl is Elizabeth. Because just like a skinny girl, her weight had nothing to do with anything. She was confident and pretty and stood up for herself. She didn’t feel lucky to be the big girl dating the hot guy. She felt like a girl who knew what she wanted in a relationship and wasn’t taking any of Schmidt’s crap.


Plus it’s really, really funny.

7 thoughts on “Who’s that girl? It’s Elizabeth!

  1. I love Elizabeth! She doesn’t take any crap. I spent the whole season yelling “you go, girl!” At the tv at her because she made Schmidt remember what’s important. I was also really mad at Schmidt! Gah!

    1. Right! I kind of hope Elizabeth comes back but I also hope she doesn’t because Schmidt doesn’t deserve her! I am a huge Schmidt fan but dating two girls at once is a really bad idea.

      1. I know. I don’t want him to hurt her. And Cece? I was like hun you dropped your guy at the altar and made him choose, & have had your fair share of “shallow” so I feel bad for Elizabeth a little more! Elizabeth is nice!

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