Last night after I was already asleep (but my roommates were still awake – so anywhere between 9:30 and 11:30pm) Daniela (the pregnant mama cat) got in my bed all happy and purring, walked across my arm (waking me up) and snuggled in. At first I thought nothing of it, then I remembered that she is SO PREGNANT and probably about to give birth in my bed. So I got up and groggily moved her outside and shut the door behind her. Then I felt so bad (because I’m a SUCKER), so I put some food out for her, too.

Well, great foresight me because this morning there were brand new kittens on our porch!!! She obviously birthed them elsewhere and moved them to the birthing box (great job, Daniela! way to not ruin our old green tablecloth). She had a busy night. By the time we met the kittens they were clean and happy and eating away. I put some water out for Daniela and told her she did a good job, snapped some pics, and started brainstorming kitten names.

The first batch of kittens I named after fruit, because I already had Strawberry’s named picked out and fruit names seemed to suit the rest. The first batch of kittens also didn’t survive the first week of life (except Strawberry, obviously). Sad. The second batch of kittens were born when I was in the United States and all sold away by the time I got back so I didn’t get a chance to name them. These guys are all going to be named autumnal (really? that’s a word?) names to honor the fall weather that I’m sure is happening somewhere in the world, even if it’s not happening here.

Internet world, meet Pumpkin, Pie, Orchard, Cider, and Scarecrow. (I think there are five. If there’s a sixth one hiding in there, it’s name is Candy Corn.) The one that looks like a cow is Scarecrow. The rest I haven’t decided yet.

All black or black and white. Looks like Strawberry remains the only calico to enter the world through Daniela's womb.
All black or black and white. Looks like Strawberry remains the only calico to enter the world through Daniela’s womb.

If I get to keep one it’ll be Pumpkin (or Candy Corn. Although not one of the original five names, it’s really starting to grow on me) and then I’ll finally get my official “Cat Lady” membership. I’ll probably also get the opportunity to be closer to my cat friends by living on the street because my roommates will kick me out. They obviously hate all living things and are monsters.

Happy Birthday new kittens!

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