Here’s the thing about personal goals

So last week I set some personal goals.



  • Read a Proverb and at least one chapter from the Old Testament
  • Write a blog post
  • Limit Facebook time to 30 minutes or less


  • Cook something new/good
  • Sweep and mop my bedroom
  • Give


  • Call my mom
  • Paint my nails
  • Wash my bedding

Okay so they seem like pretty basic goals, probably “goals” that most people don’t need to set because they are human adults (like wash your bedding – how gross is it that I have to make that a monthly goal?). I, however, am really trying to work on discipline in my life and these are nine simple ways to do that. That being said, I haven’t swept or mopped my room since way before last Monday when I set these goals. I also honestly forgot about the Facebook limit one, but I also honestly think I’ve been doing okay on the Facebook front. For example, today I stumbled across an old love interest (we are no longer Facebook friends) and I clicked on his little name and was just about to click on his little profile picture (if you can believe it he is actually much more handsome now than he was when I was interested in loving him) but I didn’t! Aha! Self-control and discipline and stuff! Because there’s no reason to look at old love interest’s Facebook pictures. There just isn’t!

I also forgot about the weekly “give” goal but guess what I gave today anyway to MACC Development (and you should, too!) so really I’m doing alright. I mean, yesterday I cooked cheesy potatoes and bought new nail polish and Facebooked my mom more than once so I’m like six for nine over here.

I’ll just give you a heads up – I’m not sure how the daily posting is going to work out now that I started my tutoring job and have to work eight hours a day like normal people. I’m still going to shoot for it though, because I would really like to give more time and effort to my writing. And also because you all obviously need more gems like this post in your lives.

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