Here’s the thing about seeing students outside of school

There are a few classic reactions that my students have when they see me outside of school. I think the fact that we all wear uniforms (even the teachers) makes it an even crazier thing to encounter your teacher, who is usually wearing a button up and dress pants, in the grocery store in yoga pants and flip flops. Here are some reactions I’ve gotten from students:

1. Sheer excitement and joy. Students have literally ran at me and jumped on me. This is great.

2. Shock and awe. One student once saw me at the grocery store from down the aisle. His mouth dropped open and he ran back to tell his mom about seeing his English teacher.

3. Time to show-off. A couple of brothers that I taught last year saw me in the grocery store and decided to show off. They were running around, flipping their hats, and looking cool.

4. Sheer disbelief. Today a student almost ran right into me, realized who I was, ignored me as I smiled and said, “Hi!” and continued to stare as we both kept walking past each other.

Being a teacher is fun.

They really do like me.

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