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I’ve noticed that real bloggers often have a “link you up” weekly post to share everything they’ve enjoyed on the internet each week. Since my Facebook status updates had gotten out of control as I shared approximately 12 interesting/funny/thought-provoking articles/blog posts daily, I thought this weekly update would be a good way to go. So here it is! My very first “Check this out!” You can expect this type of deal every Friday.

Picture of the week! Does it get any cuter than kids in glasses?

Silly articles/blog posts:

Serious articles/blog posts:



I watched Brave for the first time this week on Netflix. When she turned her mom into a bear I thought, “So, uh, Brother Bear?” To be honest I wanted to watch it after reading this article about the timeline of the Pixar movies because it was the only Pixar movie I hadn’t seen. I was intrigued! Then I watched it and was disappointed. The disproportionate sizes of the dad/king and the mom/bear freaked me out. They were so big!


Ratz! A 2000 classic! My brother and I used to rent this one all the time from our comfy neighborhood video rental store. Then that place closed down and Blockbuster was too cool for pre-Glee Vanessa Lengies. Well, for those of you who have yet to experience the greatness that is Ratz, it’s about a lady named Weird Doris who buys a magic ring at a yard sale and uses it to turn two rats into two dreamy fellas for two not-super-cool gals to take to the Spring Fling Dance. It’s magical.


Apparently Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a classic. A classic that I had never seen before this week. But there it was on Netflix and so I checked it out. I loved it! I love Lula Mae/Holly. What a gem. Her relationship with Cat reminded me of my relationship with Strawberry. Except Strawberry had a name before she was even born and I feel so very much at home. But I wouldn’t turn down a tall, handsome writer, y’know what I’m saying?!

Image Netflix is so good to me. This movie had been up on my Top 10 for a while and today I finally took the plunge and watched it. I was actually nervous it would be scary but I’m kind of on a Jesse Eisenberg kick lately (weird, right?) that started with Adventureland (oh, hello Kristin Wiig and Bill Hader and Ryan Reynolds!). Turns out I don’t hate Kristin Stewart when she’s not being Bella. Who knew? Anyway, back to Zombieland! When I saw one of the stars was Woody Harrelson I knew he wouldn’t let me down. After all, he was my favorite boyfriend of Grace’s on Will and Grace (Nathan circa Season 4, 2001). Zombieland also stars Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin so there was no way it could fail. And it didn’t. It triumphed and I laughed out loud and I loved it. Zombieland 2, anyone?!


  • The Survivors Trilogy by Amanda Havard – A vampire trilogy I can actually get behind. The characters have depth and strengths and weaknesses and despite their superhuman-ness, they are totally real characters.


  • Finally got the Taylor Swift Red CD and I can’t stop! My favorites are Stay Stay Stay, Holy Ground, and Starlight. Unashamedly.

YouTube videos:

General Good Finds:

  • “36,000 denominations. We better get it together ‘cuz Jesus comin’ back for a bride, not a harem.” (I made a half-hearted effort to find out who said this first, but it was brought to my attention via Jeff Cook’s Facebook.



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