Here’s the thing about self-control

I made this banner and hung it up above my desk as decorative inspiration!

This month I am doing the Proverbs-a-day thing and this morning in Proverbs 16 I read this:

Whoever is slow to anger is better than the mighty, and he who rules his spirit than he who takes a city. – Proverbs 16:32

Now, this being slow to anger thing is really big since I work with 95 different 2-6 year olds a day. And it’s something I’ve been working on, especially as I started this new school year. But what really struck me today (besides my tendency to start sentences with conjunctions) was the second part of the verse (that’s why I bolded it). The man who has control over his spirit is better than the man who can take over a city.

I like the sound of that. I don’t see myself being able to take over any city anytime soon, but I do see myself getting a handle on my spirit more and more each day. Turns out self-control and discipline are actually kind of nice. So today I made a nice little list of personal goals – daily, weekly, and monthly goals. One of my daily goals is to write something every day (and post it here – lucky you guys!). One of my life goals is to actually kind of do this writing thing and in order to do that I need to actually finish at least half of the stories and posts I start. I think this post-a-day goal will force me to do that. In the most fun and creative of ways.

Setting these goals and getting into good, grown up like routines are the steps I am taking toward ruling my spirit. You know the saying, “idle hands are a devil’s playground?” (And you know the 1999 comedy/horror/thriller Idle Hands starring Devon Sawa? Oh, you don’t? Well, you’re missing out.) Well I totally get that saying. I also get that whenever I have a long stretch of time with nothing to do, no responsibilities, and no plans I often waste that time dinking around on Facebook and Tumblr and then I look back on that time and think, “Darnit! There are so many better things I could’ve been doing!” (Speaking of Facebook, one of my daily goals is to spend 30 minutes or less on Facebook a day.)

So I’m taking control of my free time! I’m taking control of my spirit by way of taking control of my free time. And I’m doing that by giving myself responsibilities and plans… at least until my two tutoring gigs start up.

(Of course as I type this I am going on like, hour four of binge-watching Friends on Netflix… one step a time!)

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